2019 is here – this year’s swimwear trends

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Have you checked the latest discounts? This is the best time of the year to buy swimwear, because you can find some amazing outfits at low prices. During the cold season, all stores have discounts for swimwear, but you have not purchased anything yet, because you do not know, what trends will be a hit in 2019.

Well, we will offer you the latest updates on trends, you only have to check them and start the shopping session. Fashion designers have shared with the world their choices for swimsuit trends.

When on the beach you have to make sure that you are wearing something that gives you confidence. All women want to feel sexy on the beach, so they will go further than only buying a swimsuit, they will accessorise it with a pair of glasses, a hat, and a pair of flip-flops. The following trends will inspire you to book all the vacations to exotic places you have been dreaming to, see since you were a child.

2019 swimwearThe leopard trend is back

The animal print is one of the seasonless trends women seem to love. This year, designers have decided to focus their attention on the leopard print. Why? Simply because it accentuates your curves on the right spots, and it enhances your natural beauty. But, if you want to choose a swimsuit in a leopard print you have to be committed to fashion, because it is not as simple as you think, to wear it. If you do not have the needed confidence to wear a head-to-toe leopard swimsuit, you have the option to try a two pieces outfit. One of them can come in animal print, and the other in a nude shade.

Retro swimsuits for glamorous ladies

If you picture yourself like a ‘90s actress, then you will fall in love with this trend. It was big in the ‘90s and it goes strong even nowadays.  The amazing fact about the retro trend is that it comes in multiple models for women with different silhouettes. You will find in magazines this year both one-piece swimsuits, and sporty tankinis. The fashion designers have taken this trend a step further and they have reinvented it. They have customised the latest models with embroideries and flirty floral designs to make them look more modern.

Beach-to-city outfits

Some women want to avoid the hassle of changing their outfit when they leave the beach to run some errands around the town. Therefore, they are looking for some multi-functional pieces. And because the designers are always a step ahead of their customers, they have somehow guessed their needs and they have already launched a line of swimsuits that can be easily worn as city clothes. The majority of bikini tops look so exquisite they can be paired with pants or with a skirt or, for those who want more coverage, the bikini top can be swapped out for a womens rashie. When in vacation all women want to get rid of the stress of not knowing what clothes to wear when they have a cocktail date. With the right accessories, the majority of bikini tops are perfect for a city date.

2019 swimwearYellow is the colour of the year for swimwear

If the colour of the year is coral, when it comes to swimsuits, the designers decided that yellow should be the star of the beach. They consider that this hue looks perfect on tanned skin. For this season, they have created a colour that has honey shades, because it flatters all skin tones. When it comes to yellow, it can be combined with multiple other colours, so you should definitely give it a try.

swimwear trendsThe focus is on sustainability

The fashion industry is considered one of the greatest pollutants of our generation, and it is no surprise that big brands have decided to switch their attention, and to bring on the market sustainably products. Since 2018, multiple companies have launched sustainable swimsuit collections. They have decided to use only ethically produced fabrics and to protect the environment, even if it requires great effort.

swimwear trendsPieces that feature knotted details

During the last seasons, we have noticed on the runaways more and more knotted details, on all clothing pieces not only on swimwear. 2019 will be the peak of this trend, because designers have decided to add these details on both bikini tops and bottoms. During the latest season of Missoni fashion we have seen some exquisite models of swimsuits, we expect to see many celebrities wearing them. The knotted details on the swimwear allow you to customise it in order to fit better your figure. Each body is unique; therefore, designers decided that it is the moment to help women feel more comfortable with what they wear.

swimwear trendsEmbroidery details for a feminine look

When it comes to choosing their swimwear, women want to opt for something fun and playful. The pieces that have embroidery models on them look more stylish. With the help of embroideries, simple items can be transformed. It allows designers to add a pop of colour, without distracting the attention from the cut of the swimsuit. This year designers have decided to play with embroideries and prints, and to mix and match them to create pieces that meet everyone’s taste.

bikini 2019Action-oriented swimsuits for active women

When on the beach, some women like to spend their time lying under the sun, trying to get a perfect tan. But there are also women who want to be active while at the beachside, because there are so many water sports to try. For the active women the regular swimsuit is not enough, they need something that guarantees them to keep their private parts private. Also, they need to feel comfortable when wearing it, so they are looking for something that both looks great and it is made from quality material. The women who love to swim and surf need pieces that allow them to move easily. The majority of swimwear items designed for active women are once-pieces, because they offer better support.

These are the main swimwear trends of the year, but if you like a certain outfit, and you feel comfortable in what you wear, there is nothing holding you back, from choosing what you love.



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