Wilson Pro 1000R cellular amplifier – one of the top signal boosters?

Wilson Pro 1000R (460237) Cellular Amplifier – One Of The Top Signal Boosters?

Enterprise grade rack-mounted signal booster kit boosts provides coverage on every US and Canadian carrier!top signal boostersAn Overview

The Wilson Pro 1000R is a rack mounted cell booster system. It is an enterprise-level all-bands multi-carrier signal booster that amplifies and improves voice calls, 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE data on all US and Canadian carriers.

The Wilson Pro 1000R is very installation-friendly. The rack mounted design will fit into an existing server rack, leaving the unit easily accessible. The color LCD screen with four-way navigation gives integrators easy control of the unit.

Like other WilsonPro boosters, the Automatic Gain Control is always monitoring signal levels and making instant adjustments as required, allowing the booster to operate at maximum gain consistently. The Extra Dynamic Range (XDR) feature lets the 1000R system work with an incoming signal up to 10 dB stronger than any competing booster can tolerate, before overloading and shutting down. 

Design and Setup

The rack mounted design makes the booster great for both office and home use with one customer highlighting the perks of having the particular booster ‘We needed a rack-mount booster for our office so we installed this system rather than the regular wall-mounted Pro 1000. Our sales folks can now finally place calls on their cellphones – huge win‘. The flexible setup makes it easy for The Wilson Pro 1000R to fit into any previous server racks your home or office may have making the product highly compatible for everyday use. The booster has quality onboard software for better control for the user.

As mentioned earlier the booster is one of the most tolerable on the market. The Extra Dynamic Range (XDR) means that signal strength is at an extremely high level making it one of the most powerful on the market. Other perks include;

  • Color LCD
  • Highest Uplink and Downlink Power
  • Lower Overload and Shutdown Threshold
  • Automatic Gain Control System
  • Compatible with all North American cellular networks
  • Three year warranty
  • FCC and Industry Canada certified
  • Faster, cleaner data transfers
  • Strong, reliable connections even in weak signal areas
  • Up to 100,000 sq ft coverage area
  • Extends battery life of cellular devices
What About The Coverage?

The coverage on any signal booster kit is subject to the signal strength outside the building. For strong outdoor signal (5 bars). Expect up to a whopping 30,000 square feet of coverage. With medium signal (3-4 bars) a signal coverage area of up to 10,000 square feet is estimated. A poor signal (1-2 bars) will mean the coverage area is estimated to be around 5,000 square feet.

So What’s In the Kit?

Well first up, the booster itself! The powerful Wilson 1000R rack mounted signal booster (460237) is first on the list. The sleek dark design makes gives it a quality and aesthetically pleasing look.

Next is the Wilson Wide-Band Directional Yagi Antenna (314411). Small, discrete yet powerful. This antenna is used for outdoor use, the  sealed housing is UV stabilized ABS plastic and is fully weatherproof. boost phone signalFor indoor use the Wilson Wideband Indoor Dome Antenna (304412). The antenna made of white ABS plastic and is suitable for indoor use only.

Cables for both antennas include 1×2′ , 1×75′ , 1×100′ low loss Wilson400 coaxial cables.

top signal boostersFinally is the lightning surge protector (859902), this is recommended for use in most cases but particularly areas with frequent lightning.The lightning surge protector should be installed in line with the cable and near the amplifier, and should be properly grounded.


The Wilson Pro 1000R (460237) Cellular Amplifier ia a powerful signal booster that vastly improves the signal strength and network performance of cellular service in your home. The Wilson Pro 1000R (460237) Cellular Amplifier is a solid performer. The amplifier is compatible with the four major carriers; Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile meaning that the booster works across the board with these networking giants.The kit is also compatible with Canadian networks, though they are not listed above meaning that the product will be able to used by many. An incoming signal up to 10 dB stronger than any competing booster makes the booster a serious player in the market.









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