Why steel frame buildings have stood the test of time

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Why steel frame buildings have stood the test of time – words Alexa Wang

In the past 100 years, steel frame buildings have become extremely popular within the construction industry. They first made an appearance in the late 1700s and many people have since recognised the many advantages that using steel brings compared to other traditional materials.

However, for many consumers, their knowledge about steel frame buildings is limited.  It is useful to know more about this metal as it could influence your purchases in the future! Below you will find some interesting facts about steel buildings.


The First Steel Buildings

Due to lots of fires taking place in British cotton mills, the Ditherington Flax Mill built the first iron frame building in 1796. Just 100 years, the first all steel framed skyscraper building was erected in Chicago and named the Rand McNally Building. It was then throughout the 1920’s and 30’s that steel began to be developed in huge quantities. The new steel frame building designs became known as Quonset huts and they played a massively important role in the second world war acting as aircraft hangers and also as storage facilities.

New Steel Designs

When steel buildings were first introduced, their designs and structures were more limited. Now, however, steel frames are used for lots of commercial purchases. You can purchase metal building structures such as RV garages, steel barns and steel frame kit buildings. There are even steel-framed houses that you can buy! The possibilities really are endless when it comes to what you can use steel frame buildings for, so definitely do your research beforehand to see if it is an option for your project!

Quick Set Up

What lots of people love about steel frame buildings is that they are extremely quick to assemble! The different parts will be assembled in the factory before they are shipped and the whole processing of setting it up should be hassle-free!

Saving Money

When building with steel, you can also be a lot more cost effective! The price of wood can fluctuate quite a lot, however, the price of steel has remained low. What’s also great about using steel is that insurance costs stay low compared to wood as this material is more durable and has a higher life expectancy.


As previously mentioned, steel frame buildings are a lot more durable than other materials such as wood. Steel is an extremely durable metal as it is resistant to moulding, rot and shrinking. It also won’t be damaged by ants or termites. As steel is a manufactured product, you won’t get many problems with it like you can do with wood, such as knots and split developing. Steel frame buildings are also far more effective and safer in many situations compared to wood as they can withstand better against fires, hurricanes, earthquakes and many other natural disasters.

Overall, steel frame buildings are a far more cost-effective, safer and easier option than most other materials out there and so it is no surprise that its popularity has grown so substantially over the years.

Why steel frame buildings have stood the test of time – words Alexa Wang



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