Why BMW is leading the way in car technology

Why BMW is leading the way in car technology – words Alan Woods

If you’re looking for a new BMW, then you’re in for a treat. The newest BMW models feature some of the best new technology in terms of both in car entertainment and driver safety, making them a fantastic choice for tech enthusiasts and petrol heads alike. Here’s some of the amazing BMW technology that you need to know about:

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iDrive Gesture Control

One of the main new features on a BMW is gesture control which allows the driver to turn up the volume, accept or decline phone calls and use the home screen all by using different hand movements. As part of the iDrive technology it allows the driver to control many of the vehicles functions without having to take their eyes off the road.

Dynamic Traction Control

A great safety feature is the dynamic traction control which allows the wheels on new BMWs to slip more, to help improve the traction in snow or in loose terrain. The traction control lends itself towards a sportier driving style and can be used in normal driving too as it’s activated by pushing a button but was designed to help drivers in adverse conditions when drivers require more control.

Dynamic Stability Control

A great addition to the new BMWs, dynamic stability control adds to safety by facilitating vehicle control on both tough surfaces and adverse driving conditions. By maximising the traction of the wheels on the road when setting off or accelerating it aids the driver by detecting any signs of potential oversteering.


The new steptronic technology for BMWs with a manual transmission is dynamic and sporty, transforming the automatic into a manual gear transmission allowing you to shift the gears up and down. The gears can also be shifted without any need to touch the gearstick with keys to control the gear integrated into the steering wheel.


The newest BMW’s come with the ultimate in connectivity with Wi-Fi mounted into the back seats and a tablet for passengers to control their own comfort, lighting and infotainment with screens on the back of the seats for the ultimate in in car entertainment.

With so much to offer it’s no wonder BMWs are so sought after and such a popular choice. At AA Cars there’s a great range of used BMWs available, so you can get your hands on some of this amazing technology for yourself today.

Why BMW is leading the way in car technology – words Alan Woods



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