Portable tech that you can bring on your next outdoor adventure

words Alexa Wang

Portable tech

            When you’re going camping, frills are not something that you are able to include all of the time. The point is to enjoy the outdoors without having all the luxuries associated with home. With that in mind, sometimes it’s certainly nice to have some accommodations to make your outdoor adventure go a little smoother. Thankfully, there’s a lot of portable tech that makes this easy to accomplish.

            Of course you’ll be bringing your usual camping gear, like lighters, backpacks, or even a portable hammock. If you don’t think that you can bring a hammock on your journey, some of these products are portable, and include a mosquito net for comfort. There’s not much to enjoy about the outdoors if you’re being eaten alive. Some experts have reviewed these kinds of hammocks so you can check out this review for details. Although, there are plenty of examples of technology being employed to make the outdoors even better. To make your upcoming outdoor activity more relaxing, listed below are portable tech gadgets that will make your next outdoor adventure even more enjoyable.

Pocket Torches

            When you’re outdoors withstanding the elements, one of the most difficult activities to attempt can be starting a fire. If it’s especially windy out, attempting to use a match or light can be fruitless. Fortunately there’s tech that lets you carry a pocket torch that’s wind resistant and can start a fire for you even with the strongest gales. Products like the Soto Pocket Torch actually just use a lighter for the base of their fluid and actually increase the duration of use. It is awesome to have an easy to use pocket torch without having to carry additional butane in order to refill it.

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Portable Mosquito Deterrent

            There are mosquito repellents that create a scent free barrier that keeps mosquitoes away. A big part of camping is toughing out the wilderness, but if you are in an area with an exceptionally high concentration of mosquitoes this is a must. Spraying yourself down with an array of chemicals doesn’t always sound like the most attractive idea (and it isn’t going to make you smell the best either). If you’re tired of spraying yourself down with mosquito repellent that makes your skin sticky portable mosquito deterrents are the way to go.

Portable tech

Portable Camp Stoves

            If you’re going fishing or you’re looking to cook food on a camping trip you don’t need to carry a huge portable stove to do it. There’s many portable stoves on the market now that make it easy to enjoy the luxuries of home while you are camping. This may not be the most optimal decision depending on the kind of outdoor adventure you are on, but it’s nice to know that you have the option. Some of these products also use heat as a fuel source, which means you won’t need to bring propane. Although you will need a method of charging the battery.

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Waterproof Cameras

            Waterproof cameras have a cost benefit ratio applied to them, and their use is dependent on your needs. They might not produce the sort of camera quality that you’re looking for if you are into high resolution pictures. However, they do offer peace of mind and you know your camera won’t be destroyed by getting wet. If you’re going anywhere near large bodies of water or somewhere with lots of dust you may want to look into weather resistant cameras. If you are going on a trip with your family you don’t want to be disappointed because you have no memories of the outing.

Satellite Phone

            Since the dawn of the cell phone era, many people don’t feel like they need to use satellite phones anymore. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry and there’s still many places that don’t have cellular service. If you want to be prepared for any situation you may want to pick up a satellite phone. Many of these phones can come with a complimentary GPS service which is especially useful if you are lost. There is no pulling up Google Maps if you don’t have any data, and with a GPS you can figure out where you need to go. It’s not to say you shouldn’t bring your cell phone in case of emergencies, but it’s best to have a satellite phone as a backup.

            A lot of this equipment is highly dependent on where you are going to have your outdoor adventure. If you’re staying somewhere that you know has cellular service you will not need to worry about things like a satellite phone. However, taking an expensive camera outdoors might not sound appealing to photography fanatics. Thanks to some ingenuity, there are tons of comforts that we can bring with us on our journeys outside.


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