Crucial Times When You Need to Put Yourself First

It’s not always easy to put yourself first. You have to balance your own needs with those of others, especially if you want to avoid appearing selfish. But there are times when it’s essential to put yourself first and consider other people second. You can’t always let other people’s feelings and opinions overrule your own. It can take time to work out when you should put your own needs first and when you should try to put others before yourself (or create a balance between the two), but the more you practice, the easier it can become. Here are some situations when you need to put yourself first.

When You’re Recovering from Illness or Injury

Being ill or injured can be tough. It often limits what you’re able to do, and you may not have the energy or ability to cater to other people’s needs. It’s important to be able to give yourself time to heal and perhaps deal with other related issues. If you need to address financial issues, don’t be afraid to get in touch with Redlich’s lawyers to help you out with a compensation claim. If you’re recovering, get other people to take over some of your usual responsibilities so that you can have a break.

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When You’re Being Mistreated at Work

Standing up for yourself at work isn’t always easy. You might worry about the risk of being punished in some way, including losing your job. But when you’re not receiving the respect that you deserve, you need to resolve to put yourself first. This might mean reporting a colleague’s behavior to HR, being firm about not taking on extra shifts, or putting yourself forward for a promotion. Sometimes standing up for yourself at work can mean making your case for a raise, or it could even mean putting in your reservation.

When Someone Is Pushing Boundaries

Navigating relationships of all types is often challenging. But one thing you can make sure you get right is establishing your personal boundaries and ensuring other people don’t overstep them. This can apply to romantic relationships, where someone might be pushing boundaries of consent or repeatedly doing something you’ve asked them not to do. But it can apply to other relationships too, including family and friends. You need to put yourself first in these situations, even if you might be worried about hurting someone else’s feelings.

When Relationships Are All Take and No Give

Relationships with other people should be balanced. Of course, there are times in life when they can be less balanced due to necessity. If a family member is ill, for example, you might be giving a little more than they are capable of at that moment. But if you find that you’re only ever giving and the other person is only ever taking, it’s not really a relationship that benefits you. Standing up for yourself could mean confronting them about it, or perhaps ending or reducing contact.

Putting yourself first is vital every now and then. It’s good to be kind to others, but you need to be kind to yourself too.


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