Types of Legal Professionals and How They Can Help you

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Legal Professionals types

There are many roles in the legal profession. The type of professional that you interact with will depend on your situation and the legal cases that you have to deal with.

Not all cases need to be settled in front of a judge and jury. Here is some information to help you understand the types of professionals and how you will be able to help you in different situations.


The difference between paralegals and lawyers is that in most cases, paralegals work under the supervision of many lawyers, performing administrative services in law firms. This is not the case in all situations, but simply in most. However, there are some situations where paralegals choose to operate independently and work out of their own businesses and practices. 

In terms of limitations, the jurisdiction of paralegals is more strict and constrained than that of lawyers, so they are restricted in the fields in which they can advise and work in. The experts at Marks & Harrison highlight the fields of focus for legal services that are commonly provided by most paralegals. These areas of focus are broken down into major categories, listed as accidents, personal injury, and other areas of practice. 

Accidents typically occur on the road involving motor vehicles and multiple parties. Personal injury covers a wide variety of injuries that can occur through multiple means. These can happen on different properties, involve different products, people, animals, drugs and food. Paralegals, similar to lawyers, will have more knowledge in certain aspects and may be recommended for certain cases. Other areas include medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, and long-term home neglect. Many of the cases that paralegals deal with will take place in small claims court, but will vary from firm to firm and depend on where they conduct business.


Lawyers can provide legal services over a vast number of cases, and have a much wider net in terms of where they can give advice and practice. Some of the types of lawyers and their focus are listed as follows:

Criminal Lawyer

Criminal lawyers are the most well known in terms of media representation on television and movies. They represent you as either a criminal defense lawyer or prosecutor. They will deal with criminal cases, learning and collecting evidence and form and present their case in front of a judge and jury.

Business Lawyers

Business law covers a wide range of different laws and legalities. These range from employee and employer protection, to ethical practices. They will aid in the creation of and going over contracts to include the necessary agreements. Every business owner should consult this type of lawyer in order to ensure that their company is following the government rules that hold them responsible for their actions.

Legal Professionals

Divorce Lawyer

Divorce lawyers or family lawyers play an important role in handling family affairs in times of dispute and separation. These professionals will act as representation that encourages and promotes clear communication during matters and cases over family and assets. Although child custody lawyers are specific to these cases, a lawyer familiar with one field of focus will have knowledge regarding these related matters.

Traffic Lawyer

Professionals that are experienced in dealing with claims and disputes of traffic violations and tickets. It is important to note that these lawyers may differ in their knowledge, experience and advice when it comes to accidents. The approach you take to go over your case will vary depending on the details.

Immigration Lawyers

Deals with immigration cases and laws pertaining to factors of travel, visas, and citizenships. These lawyers are important for people facing difficulty trying to remain in a country and facing deportation.


A judge is the highest position within the legal profession. In order to become a judge, you must have enough experience with the law system, having practiced as a lawyer for over 10 years. Afterwhich, you will be able to begin the application process in order to become one. 

A judge is an independent decision maker that is there to listen to the facts and carry themselves without bias. They are present in court cases in order to ensure that proceedings are held in a controlled and orderly manner. Their role when it comes to judging a case is to ensure that all parties have the opportunity to state their case and assist in the fair ruling, whether that comes from themselves or a panel of jury members.

The intricacies of law and government can be confusing and difficult to understand. There are many situations that you will not know how to approach simply because the rules and regulations are more than you are aware of. Those within the law profession spend years learning these matters to help facilitate your own understanding and guide you accordingly.


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