Welcome to Viceland UK – A brand new TV channel launches in the UK

Welcome to Viceland UK – A brand new TV channel launches in the UK – words Alan Woods

It’s a known fact that many younger people are turning away from TV in droves.

There is so much going on online via their tablet, mobile and laptop (and in real life) that planting themselves in front of the box for hours on end just doesn’t sit right with many millennials.

Well here to put some spark back into the old medium comes Viceland – a brand new TV channel. It is now up and running in the UK having first launched in the US earlier this year. And it’s nothing like the traditional TV channels such as your BBCs and ITVs.

Here you will come across Ellen Page touring the world and sampling many different LGBT scenes or Clive Martin recording one of his infamous nights out in raw detail. Clive doesn’t just go down the local pub or club as you might imagine – he’s a globetrotting nightlife sampler of the highest order. There is controversy a plenty as Krishna Andavolu explores marijuana etiquette. Just how do you pass that joint nowadays? Well never pass a soggy one is my advice.

As this is from Vice then expect the usual fireworks, experimentation and lots of guts as your eyes and ears adjust to the Viceland experience. Vice themselves describe it as “a new TV channel for and by young people curious about life right now” and you can see and feel that Vice attitude coming through strong and with the hand of creative director Spike Jonze at the helm you know you’re for an adventure.

Viceland UK will be available for all Sky TV customers in their basic TV subscription packages either live, on demand or on the go through Sky’s mobile TV service, Sky Go.  NOW TV Entertainment Pass customers will be able to enjoy VICELAND UK on demand. NOW TV is Sky’s Online TV streaming service.

Welcome to Viceland UK – A brand new TV channel launches in the UK – words Alan Woods



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