5 Christmas-themed wedding invitations that are sure to inspire  

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Many people in the world have significant religious holidays in their lives. It is deeply rooted in their veins, and in everything that they do, they make sure to make these likings and dislikings part of their lives. Getting married is one of the most significant events in one’s life, and in the age, we live in, you are allowed and free to express however you feel about anything.

This has made the lives of so many couples easier as they can express themselves and their likings on their wedding cards. For someone who is getting married, you might be slightly obsessed with the idea of Christmas and want to celebrate your union with your loved one around Christmas time. Here is when the debate about christmas wedding invitations starts.

wedding invitations inspire 

Christmas wedding invitations    

  • No time of the year is as blissful and jolly as Christmas. People from all over the world travel to different locations to spend time with their loved ones under the warmth of the fire lighting in their living rooms.
  • Snuggled up and close to each other, what better time would be to celebrate your wedding?  To make this thought come to life, you must start planning your Christmas-themed wedding invitation cards months before your actual wedding.
  • These charming invitations will then be sent out to your loved ones, who will wait for the jolly month of Christmas to arrive so that they can celebrate your marriage along with you.

5 Christmas-themed invitation designs for you      

Here are 5 designs that your family will love, and they might inspire them to create something in the future as well.

  • ‘Tis the season: Yes, the reason to be jolly is here, and so is the season to get married. Using this narrative, you can shuffle up the world and create a beautiful wedding card to share with your family and friends. You will invite your loved ones to your wedding this Christmas season, so don’t forget to pack this card with all your love.
  • Candy canes and snow: Another fun design for your Christmas-themed wedding cards is candy canes and snow. Candy canes have always held a place in everyone’s heart, and it is going to make the child inside of everyone happy.
  • Pines, cones, and trees: The indication of snow is the indication of Christmas. Pine trees are the best option if you want to give your cards a rustic and vintage look.
  • The Holly Leaf: Sometimes going to big extravagant things is not the option, but small intricate details are enough. Simple, elegant, and beautiful, a holly leaf will be just enough to make your card shine.
  • Snowflakes: Whether it is to save the date wedding invitations or a wedding invitation card, if you are going for a Christmas theme, what better to get printed on the card other than a snowflake? Snowflakes give a very lovely elegant, and trendy look to the card.

Set the tone for your big day by choosing the right kind of theme for your wedding card. These are the cards you will hold close to once you are old.


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