A Guide To Preserve Your Wedding Dress

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In every woman’s life, the wedding dress plays an important role not only because it is expensive but because there is a lot of planning involved and sentiments attached. Wedding dresses come in varied designs, each looking more exquisite than the other. As a result, the quest to maintain its look, sheen and feel is taken seriously.

On the wedding day, several rituals are followed, and dancing is involved. So it is natural that the dress will pick up some dirt, garden soil, and food and drink spills. The dress material gets dirty and, over time, the embellishments and the fabric gets damaged. However, there are expert ways to conduct wedding dress preservation successfully.

If you invested in a wedding dress and are keen to preserve it for future use, here is the information.

Preserve Wedding Dress

What is gown preservation?

Dress preservation, unlike dry cleaning, usually starts with an expert’s evaluation. In addition to examining stains at the hem and on the entire dress, a professional curates a unique treatment plan based on the fabric, stitching, and intricacies of your dress. In other words, preservation by experienced service providers like Tampa’s wedding dresses preservation experts is done on a case-by-case basis. The process involves not just cleaning the clothing but also storing it.

Following are a few ways in which dress preservation can be done.

Use an appropriate gown bag

Never store a bridal gown in the dry cleaner’s plastic bag for years. Plastic releases a toxic gas that can cause your garment to turn yellow and trap moisture, leading to mold and mildew. So, keep your gown in its garment bag but store the packet away from direct sunlight. If you intend to hang the dress, wrap it in a white, 100% cotton cloth bag, which you can make by cutting a white cotton bed sheet.

Don’t fold your dress

If you store your dress by folding it, you might not be able to wear it again because it will cause permanent fold marks and unwanted wrinkles on your clothing. So try to keep it as flat as possible. Search for a corner in the cupboard where you can keep it straight without folding.

Don’t forget to clean your gown before storing

Since you cannot clean an intricate dress yourself, you must take an expert’s help. You can give it to a dry cleaner whom you trust. You can ask your dressmaker what material or device should be used to clean stains on the gown, and then you can tell the cleaner to go for the appropriate method. 

Nowadays, wedding dress preservation is done in multiple ways. Some skilled service providers care for your precious wedding gown better than traditional dry cleaners. From cleaning to packaging, they take the entire responsibility of maintaining the dress, veil, and even your accessories like a shrug, undergarments, dressing robe, etc. Choose a reputed service provider and get your gown cleaned and preserved in a soft muslin cloth and protective outer box.


Gown preservation is not as easy as it seems. You must check your gown at least once a year after your big day. Any stains that may occur should be immediately treated. The sooner you discover stains, the more quickly you can remove them.


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