Customer Service returns with his second EP, Amygdala

Control Freak co-founder Customer Service returns to the label with his second EP, Amygdala. As both a DJ and producer, Hong Kong-born, London-based Customer Service thrives in a genre-defying nether zone – rooted in familiar dancefloor grooves, but with a distinctive, off kilter sense of rhythm and melody that instantly mark his productions out.

He really knows how to build a track. From the sparse background he brings in other rhythmic elements that counter but fit with the underlying rhythm. There are snippets and samples and some otherworldly sounds that punctuate this sonic world. It drives forward and is not off kilter just for the sake if it but leaves you pleasantly disorientated if you hone in on the deliciously competing elements.

Customer Service Amygdala

With previous music supported from the likes of Ben UFO, upsammy & Oceanic, Tom Ravenscroft, Solid Blake, dBridge, re:ni and more, this record follows the thread of previous Customer Service releases, exploring deep, trippy and murky textures rooted in techno & electro soundscapes. Rounding off the record, @pugilistmusic remixes Lean Forward, adding a murky, broken groove to the detailed fabric of the original, and Customer Service collaborates with CF cofounder @finnaman on a similarly richly-textured closing track, Useless Knowledge.

For nearly a decade, Will Bradbury has been a stalwart of London’s independent music landscape, releasing music under the moniker Customer Service and frequently DJing with close collaborator Tal Fineman. Together, they run the party Cabin Fever and its sister label Control Freak Recordings.

His education is strongly informed by the rich curatorial heritage of two of the country’s best record stores, Phonica and Rough Trade: one that is both forward-thinking and preservationist. Restlessly inquisitive and possessing a natural inclination towards the askew and the introspective, his taste reflects musical values of breadth, honesty, and non-conformity. Hence, as both a DJ and producer, the Hong Kong-born artist thrives in a genre-defying nether zone – rooted in familiar dancefloor grooves, but with a distinctive, off-kilter sense of rhythm and melody that instantly marks his productions out, earning support from the likes of Ben UFO, Tom Ravenscroft, Moxie, upsammy & Oceanic, dBridge, re:ni, and more. This diversity has seen him perform alongside pure techno artists like Rodhad and Surgeon, as well as more shapeshifting DJs such as Lena Willikens.

Similarly, his adaptability has allowed him to take the booth at venues like FOLD & Corsica Studios, as well as clubs in Berlin & Rome, and even at Brilliant Corners, where he hosts nights with his reissue imprint, Foam On A Wave.

Off the back of milestones including Control freak Recordings’ first album (Keplrr – Petra) and a reissue of the seminal ’90s acid/IDM album Soul Oddity – Tone Capsule, the label approaches its 5th year with a number of exciting releases in the pipeline from both new and returning artists. Meanwhile, Cabin Fever will continue to champion cutting-edge electronic artists in inclusive spaces, with additional focus on enhanced production and lighting.

The EP was made between Bradbury’s home studio and Pirate’s East London recording studios.

Customer Service EP Amygdala





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