The 6 Easiest Instruments to Learn for Aspiring Musicians

words Al Woods

No matter how it was introduced into your life, music leaves an undeniable mark that enriches our lives in more ways than one. Music is what gets us through happy and sad times and makes tedious activities, such as cleaning and working out a lot more fun.

Whether music encourages your creativity through singing, playing an instrument, dancing, or merely listening to it, we all need it in our lives. That’s why many people aspire to become musicians and play these wonderful instruments to express their thoughts and feelings. 

If you’re eager to learn how to play but are feeling a little intimidated, here are the 6 easiest instruments that you can start with. 

1. Keyboard

Aspiring Musicians

The keyboard does take time, but it is, in fact, an easy instrument to play. It’s a great option because there are various uses for keyboards in songs. Keyboards come with drums, strings, organ, trumpet, and electronic sounds, so you’ll enjoy unleashing your creativity as you progress. Furthermore, once you get the hang of it, it will be easy to transition to the piano should you desire. While the piano isn’t the easiest instrument to play, it won’t be much of a challenge, with enough knowledge of the keyboards, and pianos have quite an eclectic sound. 

2. Classic Guitar

A guitar is among the most popular instruments out there because it works with all genres, including rock, classical, jazz, etc. However, many coy beginners tend to feel overwhelmed at the thought of learning to play the guitar. In actuality, it’s a lot easier than people think; like anything else in life, it requires persistence and determination. Start by learning chords on a nylon string guitar; this will be easy on your fingers and help you get used to the positioning. It won’t be hard to transition to electric guitars or steel strings. Many assume that the guitar is harder than other instruments on this list, but it merely requires a little more time. 

When you’re learning to play the guitar or any instrument for that matter, you should take the time to develop your musical knowledge while you’re at it. The music teachers at explain that you can learn music theory online and pass an exam to complete your music studies. Many digital teaching resources and study materials help aspiring musicians acquire extensive knowledge in music theory. 

3. Violin

The smallest string instrument is the violin and it also produces the highest pitch. Violins are a big part of the music industry because they enhance the instruments they accompany and can also influentially carry a melody all on their own. The violin has many benefits, such as improved coordination, concentration, and discipline, which is why so many musicians want to master this talent. Furthermore, once you have grasped the art of the violin, you’ll move on to other string instruments like the cello to continue playing a variety of genres. 

4. Percussion Instruments

A percussion instrument is one of the easiest and fastest to learn, as there are no ‘wrong’ notes. These organic and primitive instruments don’t need to be tuned, so they are perfect for beginners. If you lack confidence and aren’t yet comfortable making public mistakes, this should ease you into the musical world and give you a much-needed confidence boost. You will also be able to play more than one percussion instrument, which gives you plenty of variety and sound. 

5. Flute

The woodwind family communicates a soothing flow of airy sounds that vary in tone. If you tend to shy away from string instruments, then consider the flute. It is perfect for folk tunes and isn’t as intimidating. This instrument’s beauty is that some of the most beautiful melodies can be created, and while they may sound advanced, they are incredibly easy to pick up. All you need to learn the flute is self-discipline and concentration, and you’ll quickly notice your improved coordination as you progress. 

6. Ukulele

Aspiring Musicians

The ukulele is, without a doubt, one of the easiest instruments to play. Its soft tones are perfect for jingles, and you only need to learn a few chords to sing an array of songs. Unlike the guitar, it doesn’t hurt your fingers, and it could help you gain enough confidence to perfect your guitar skills, too. The ukulele is also much easier to carry around and to sing your favorite sing-along anthems whenever you want. 

Whether you choose to join the string, woodwind, percussion, or brass families, there’s an easy instrument to start within each category. Wave goodbye to the overwhelming sensation of struggling to play an instrument, and give one of the above 6 a try. Starting is half the battle because once you do, you’ll see that it isn’t that hard at all, and you’ll feel more confident as a result. 


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