A guide to making earth conscious fashion choices

The earth doesn’t revolve around us. It’s our responsibility to make more conscious decisions and actions to try to reverse the damage that we have been doing for years. But at the same time, we want to live our lives to the fullest and fashion is one of the few ways we can truly represent who we are to the outside world.

Educating yourself on how to save the environment and even starting with small actions to stop adding fuel to the fire goes a long way; more than you can imagine. So how can we be more conscious regarding our fashion choices? That’s what we will discover more in this article.

earth conscious fashion

Sustainable Sunglasses

Oceans are filled with plastic. This is one of the biggest environmental problems that we are facing today. Instead of changing sunglasses and consuming more plastic, sustainable glasses are here to save us all. One of the first pioneers in the sunglass lens market, Craig Anderson founder of Sunglass Fix, found a more practical and eco-friendly solution for scratched up sunglasses. On their website, they have a wide range of sunglass lens models to satisfy all tastes. This is one of the best economical and eco-friendly decisions you can make today to be a part of the positive change in this world.

Shop Secondhand

Recycling has become the number one factor in saving the environment. And it also applies to your clothes. The idea is to create as little waste as possible. You can exchange clothes with your relatives and friends to change up your wardrobe while saving the Earth at the same time. Or you can choose to go for vintage clothes. If we all do this, it will send a message to mass retailers that we respect the Earth.

eco fashion

Or Shop Smart

If you don’t want to wear hand-me-downs, you can always choose to shop smart. There are a lot of high-quality clothes that are made with organic dyes and sustainable fabrics. This option is a bit pricier but even if you are going to have to save for every piece, it is definitely better than cheap trendy clothes that wear down after a few washes. The sad truth is that even if these clothes are eco-friendlier, they are still not 100% safe for the environment. So, the best move here is to mix up your wardrobe. Opt for second-hand pieces, and go for green label clothes only when you have to.

Just as we always think of financial and trend-related factors when buying our clothes, we should think about all the factors that go into making them. Fashion is expensive, not just when it comes to the money, but also how much it’s costing the environment. The apparel industry is the second-largest contributor to the pollution in our world; from adding up to the plastic percentage in the ocean to using the same amount of water that the average person consumes over two years or more. That’s why we need to be more conscious of all the decisions we make from now on, including our fashion choices.


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