Factoria Rent Me – Teddy Bear Fur Fashion

by Charly Suggett

Let me set the scene for you. Taking place on the urban rooftops of downtown LA in the future, we see two creatures exploring the extensive concrete space who are dressed in clean and simple lines, set off against striking flashes bold colour.

Teddy bear fur acts as the main hero throughout, championing animal rights and protection, in the form of t-shirts, cute skirts and coats. Scene two is a short fashion film set in Silver Lake inside the tiny caravan of a scientist who has spent all of her savings on the development of her prized experiment and creation, the ‘Rabbitcorn’.

The collection is a fun and bright array of pieces created in fabrics ranging from cotton, pleated vinyl, soft jersey and teddy fur fabric in acidic colours galore all styled together to encourage fun and experimentation.

Factoria Rent Me is a Barcelona based brand who are established also in London and LA. They regularly collaborate with artists and can be found online at their own website and the ASOS Marketplace boutique.

We caught up with the designer, Carolina Diez-Cascón, to run through the collection and her influences.

FLUX: Previous collaborations show a fondness for artists who study figures and faces. Are there any other media which interest you and inspire your work or collaborations?

Carolina Diez-Cascón: In our new society I think that all the art expressions inspire each other, so are being created in an atmosphere of energy and exchange. Art has a big influence in my work. I grew up in an art family atmosphere, my family is responsible and directs SWAB the Contemporary Art in Barcelona. For me the union with art always has been important and a part of expression.

Other influences important to my work are music trends. Music at times goes hand and hand with fashion. Fashion and music together make an incredible world that can make people feel special. Those type of feelings are the ones designers like myself are looking for.

Video art for me is a big key to show this union, especially now with avant-garde fashion films being my new obsession coinciding with the new collaborations. The last film was one I collaborated with director Rocio Mesa in Los Angeles for the Rabbitcorn film.

FLUX: Do you think painting/sculpture/photography can also be interpreted through fashion?

Carolina Diez-Cascón: All art media can be related to fashion, there are a lot for designers who use contemporary art to inspire their collections, like Dolce & Gabbana and their references to Roman sculptures, or parts of Prada’s last collection that remind us of Picasso faces… Art is very important for fashion.

FLUX: What were your main inspirations for this collection?

Carolina Diez-Cascón: I was inspired by the fake hair trend that has been seen around the world. Also the newly forming society that is looking for colorful pieces to enjoy. The future it is not important, just the present. In the work I try and talk about the importance of not losing human values and building together a magic world where we are all positive. Dreams and ideas are something very necessary for a new culture that sometimes is dealing with darker moments due to the aftermath of the economic downturns we are living through.

FLUX: Where did you gain inspiration for the video ‘Rabbitcorn’? Where did you get the idea for the narrative?

Carolina Diez-Cascón: I was working with the furry pieces of the collection, and then I began focusing on the idea of creating a more fantastic world. I later met my film director friend Rocio Mesa, and she introduced me to a collection of Asian girl videos where the focus was unicorn cats. It became clear to me these unicorn animals had some real magic compatibilities and we decided to harness the magic and create a new collaborative collection.

FLUX: Who is your ideal customer/girl?

Carolina Diez-Cascón: My ideal customer is a fresh girl who is interested in cultural trends.

FLUX: Your clothes follow a fun and bright aesthetic, has this always been this way?

Carolina Diez-Cascón: The result of today is years of evolution. The beginning of Factoria was darker but always holding the union between the art and fashion. Trends change along with the world. Society has changed a lot, it is for that crisis and new situations that I felt the need to create these collections that transmit a positive vibe and make us dream again.

FLUX: Where is the rabbit now? Were any animals harmed in the making of the Rabbitcorn creature? 

Carolina Diez-Cascón: The Rabbit who collaborates in our collection was called Loreta, we dressed her with a unicorn tiara. She was a wonderful animal to work with because during the production she was super relaxed with all the girls. We also made sure to give her extra carrots, so for her it was a special day! We were all very happy to make her a superstar, everybody is now asking for her talents.

FLUX: Tell me more about the narrative for the other scenario, the downtown LA rooftop set futuristic number? 

Carolina Diez-Cascón: I chose this scenario because for me it was the perfect definition of the new era that we are living in. The rooftop expanse communicates our future and the arena between the artificial and true progress of values, and this union is found on the rooftop.

FLUX: Can you see FACTORIA RENT ME venturing into any other forms of art in the future? 

Carolina Diez-Cascón: Yes totally, I am in constant contact with artists and thinking of new collaboration projects all the time. Currently I am working on a new project with a baker and designing sugar pieces.

FLUX: Do you have any retail stores here in the UK?

Carolina Diez-Cascón: Actually the UK is our best market, we sell online by ASOS independent boutiques and our online store.


For more see www.factoriarentme.com.




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