The Book of Life release date nears – time to get your glad rags on…

With the release date for The Book of Life rapidly approaching, get ready for the cultural impact that the film is about to unleash on a mostly unsuspecting public.

Nowadays when a film is successful, it is not just the movie itself that will hit us between the eyes and ears.

I’m sure the soundtrack will be massive, featuring some top international music talent and some instantly catchy tunes. We all know from the Frozen phenomena just how massive a part songs can play in the success of films animated or otherwise. Unlike Frozen though, The Book of Life is more potent with lots of dark humour. The film does that great trick of operating on several different levels, to end up appealing to adults and children alike. It’s also released for Halloween so expect to see its influence all around you as the spooky season approaches.

The story revolves around Manolo, a young man with a dilemma. Does he follow the sensible route mapped out for him by his parents or does he follow his heart? Before he can decide he is whisked away on fantastical journey where he enters three very different worlds and encounters creatures both wondrous and frightening. The film features the voices of Diego Luna who plays Manolo, plus Zoe Saldana, Channing Tatum, Danny Trejo with even Ice Cube himself adding his voice to the mix.

Visually the film is a feast of powerful imagery. Using the theme of Mexico’s Day of the Dead, it features an intricate and animated style with stunning colours, skeleton masks, mariachi outfits, and lush backdrops. Though it’s directed by Jorge Gutierrez, you can plainly see the touch of producer Guillermo Del Torro known for his work on Pan’s Labyrinth and the recent The Hobbit trilogy.

The Book of Life is going to make an impact way beyond film fans. Mobile game The Book of Life: Sugar Smash is already being downloaded and enjoyed by game fans worldwide. A whole industry has sprung to life selling skull necklaces and jewellery. Fashion retailer Hot Topic is debuting a capsule collection based on the film’s graphic style and there is also a fragrance to let you smell like The Book of Life. We reckon people are going to be making a real night of it, dressing up in The Book of Life style. Read vampire-flamenco chic. Get in those blasts of colour with floral swooshes contrasting with fiendish skulls and bones and high heels. For the boys, you need a high, high quiff and a matador sash – the whole suit if you can manage it. Decorate with as many embellishments as you can muster. The Book of Life is not one to be coy with after all – so sombreros and Day of the Dead inspired make-up for everyone then. Dress right, and after the film you’ll be in the mood to go on to a club or restaurant – make it Mexican if you can! – or back home to a Day of the Dead hoe down.

The Book of Life is showing in cinemas across the UK from 24th October. For more information on the film visit the official website


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