4 ways to create a grand entrance for your home

4 ways to create a grand entrance for your home – words Al Woods

First impressions are everything, and the same is true when it comes to your home.

No matter what style you have chosen for your interior design, when a guest walks down your path and into your front door, you want them to be impressed.

Getting that reaction isn’t as hard as you might think, and there are a few simple steps you can follow to turn even the dullest of entrances into a jaw-dropper. Here are four ways to create a grand entrance for your home.


Grand front door

It all starts with the front door. If you’ve never upgraded yours or if it’s starting to look a bit worn, getting a new one is the first important step in creating a grand entrance. If your current door is old, it is likely that replacing it will lead to much better thermal and noise protection, making the entranceway a much nicer space to be in.

If completely upgrading is out of the question, consider giving your door a new lease of life with a fresh lick of paint — you can even do it yourself quite easily for a fraction of the price, just make sure you choose a weatherproof option, such as Dulux Weathershield.

All about colour

After getting past the front door, your guests will be greeted by whatever awaits them in your hallway. The overall colour tone of what they see will be a big factor in their initial experience, so put some thought into the colour of your walls and accent pieces.

There is no right answer when it comes to choosing a colour, and what you go for will largely depend on the layout of your home and your personal preference. You could go for something modern and bold such as purple or teal, or keep things neutral with greys and off-whites to avoid competition with the adjacent rooms.

Luxurious lighting

The next element of your home that will determine the overall feel of your entranceway is ambient lighting, both inside and outside. Exterior lighting is a chance to show off the architecture of your home and the elegance of your newly bought (or painted) door. Wall mounted lighting on either side of the entranceway will really give your home that grand feel, as will lining lighting along your front path. We really like the Victorian style lighting at Lighting Superstore, but they’ve got a range of options if your tastes are more modern.

Interior lights are just as important for that initial wow factor and will largely be responsible for setting the mood of your entrance, especially in the evening. What you go for will depend largely on the style of your home and how much space you have, but a good rule of thumb is to think warm and inviting.

Extra touches

For a personal touch, choose some artwork that shows off your taste and personality while adding bursts of colour that break up your wall colour. Mirrors can be a fantastic way to open up a closed hallway and make it look more spacious, which can be especially important if you have chosen a dark colour scheme.

It’s the smallest details that can really cement a first impression, so carefully consider each element of your entrance. A well-chosen house plant can bring your home to life, while some flowers in a vase can add a striking pop of colour. To really finish things off you should consider installing some eye-catching door thresholds between rooms. We really love the range of sleek styles and colour options at Stair-Rods Direct.

Follow our advice and you’ll be able to transform your boring old entrance into something grand that makes your guests’ jaws drop. You only get one first impression, so make it count!


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