5 Trending Wedding Hashtag Themes In 2021 Every Couple Needs To Know

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These days, every couple needs a wedding hashtag, but like everything, wedding hashtags have their own trends and fashions. You can get inspo from social media to keep updated on the trending wedding hashtag themes, or you can read this article. Here are our top 5 trending wedding hashtag themes for 2021.

5 Trending Wedding Hashtag Themes In 2021

Wedding hashtag themes range from funny name combinations to destination-based hashtags. But there’s more to it than those basic premises. Instead, we suggest making things a little more interesting by using one of these 5 trending wedding hashtag themes:

Punny Wedding Hashtags

Keep it funny; keep it punny. 

So, what is a pun anyway? A pun plays with the meaning of a word or words. The result is a joke.

Punny wedding hashtags are some of the most memorable! Your guests will delight in sharing your hashtag on social media and with their friends. We always suggest going with a joke when you can because the funnier your hashtag, the more likely your wedding guests are to share it.

1. #TheLovesAreInLove

2. #GettingSmithyWithIt

3. #GoudaTogether

4. #OwlAlwaysLoveYou

5. #WeWillBeWilliams

Wedding Hashtags
Hobby & Interest Based Wedding Hashtags

If you and your spouse-to-be are known for your shared hobbies and interests, this theme might be just right for you! Whether you share a love of football or rock climbing, you can use your hobbies and inspiration for your unique wedding hashtag. 

This theme is great if, as a couple, you’re known for your shared interest. It’s not nearly as impactful if you share a secret hobby that no one knows about! Here are some wedding hashtag ideas based on hobbies and interests:

1. #PitcherPerfectPopes (Baseball)

2. #AllYouKneadIsLove (Baking/Bread)

3. #MeantToBee (Bee Keeping)

4. #BeerlyBeloved (Beer/Drinking)

5. #LoveIsBrewing (Coffee Drinkers)

Trending Wedding Hashtag
Wedding Hashtag Themes For TV Or Movie Junkies

We’re living in another golden age of television and film with easy access to streaming services right from our homes! So, if you are like many other couples, hanging out and watching Netflix is not just a way to pass the time: it’s a way of life.

If you share a love for a particular show or ship favorite characters, this hashtag theme could be right for you. Need some inspo? Here are a few wedding hashtag themes based on TV and film:

1. #YodaBestBrideAndGroom

2. #LoveAlwaysFindsAWay

3. #DreamsDoComeTrue

4. #FarFromTheWeddingCrowd

5. #TheLoveRanger

Unique Wedding Hashtags

Unique wedding hashtags are those that really dig deep for something that strays off the “typical” path. Your unique wedding hashtag could be something specific to you both as a couple or a joke that you and your friends are in on. Whatever it is, a unique wedding hashtag is often a memorable one. The more you can customize it to your personality as a couple, the better. Also, if you have a special story behind how you met, your relationship, or your engagement story, this could be an interesting way to share that with guests.

Here are 5 examples of unique wedding hashtags:

1. #HeFinallyPoppedTheQuestion

2. #HoneymooningInCancun

3. #TheGarciasAreGoingToSpain

4. #LoveAtFirstDance

5. #MarryChristmas2022

Romantic Wedding Hashtags

When in doubt, go the romantic route. Maybe you are not sure what theme to choose for your wedding hashtag, and that is okay! If you are at a loss for what to do, go with romance. That’s what weddings are all about, right? Celebrate your love, and do not be afraid to get really sappy with it.

Wedding Hashtag Themes

Here are 5 romantic wedding hashtags:

1. #LoveHasBloomed

2. #DontTouchThatAisle2023

3. #ThisIsJustTheBeginning

4. #TheDonaldsonsForeverStarting2024

5. #UntilDeadUsDoPart

Top Wedding Hashtag Trends In 2021

How do you plan to create your wedding hashtag? You have a few options: you can write one yourself, hire a writing service, or use a free online generator. At the end of the day, the effort you put toward your wedding hashtag will be worthwhile. If you want something memorable that people will actually use to create buzz around your wedding event, it’s critical that you invest some time or money in writing your wedding hashtag.

Using Third Party Wedding Hashtag Tools

Services such as Wedding Hashers are becoming increasingly popular as social media is becoming more prevalent in our everyday lives and less people are able to attend weddings due to the pandemic. They offer both free hashtags from their wedding hashtag generator as well as hashtag packages written by professional writers.

Trending Wedding Hashtag

These third party tools are increasing in popularity as it is becoming harder for couples to come up with creative hashtags which have not been used by other couples already. Plus, if you are really busy with all your other wedding planning, it’s a nice way to take something off your plate. Did we mention it’s really affordable?

Using Hashtags In Decor And Wedding Favors

To ensure your wedding hashtag is used and shared by your guests, you need to make sure it can be found. The best thing you can do is integrate your wedding hashtag into your decor and even your wedding favors

Keep these applications in mind as you create your wedding hashtag because it may inform what hashtag you use. For instance, the hashtag #FoundMySweetie could be used on a candy wedding favor.

Photo Booths

Photo booths are another awesome place to share your wedding hashtag. You can create props with the printed hashtag or feature a neon light backdrop with your special phrase. This will prompt your guests to share the hashtag right away when posting to their social media channels.

Wedding Hashtag

Not sure where else to share your wedding hashtag? Here are some more ideas:

  • Printed on cocktail napkins
  • Posted on placards at each table
  • Printed on signs at the bar and near the bathrooms
  • Posted at the entrance 
  • Printed on floor decals

Trends Come And Go But Your Love Is Forever

At the end of the day, your wedding hashtag is all about you! The theme is just what gives you the ideas to work from. Your wedding hashtag should be a reflection of your collective personalities and love for eachother. Remember to keep that in mind when writing a hashtag for your special day.


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