Unique Wedding Favors to Consider

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Wedding favors are a small token of appreciation given to guests at a wedding as a symbol of affection and gratitude. Favors are the traditional way to thank your guests while also personalizing an aspect of your wedding to reflect you and your partner.

Over time, the most traditional favor has evolved into five almonds that symbolize five hopes for the new union: wealth, health, longevity, happiness and fertility. These days it has become more of an expression of the couple’s tastes and interests and for this reason, many couples look for unique ideas to use as favors. Something useful is a great option as you know that your guests will appreciate the gesture and think of your big day whenever they use it.

 Wedding Favors

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Personalized Favors

A popular trend is personalizing favors for your guests. These can range from face masks to kitchen towels to tote bags to blankets that can be used on the day then taken home to treasure. Depending on the personalities of the couple, it is wise to choose something relevant that they both love or even to echo the theme of the wedding or reception. Stoneware coffee mugs are an ideal choice as this is a gift that will last several years. You can have them personalized in a variety of glazes and colors, and add a simple picture or date to remind your guests of your big day. One step further is to add a single-serving coffee or hot chocolate sachet and maybe a cookie for a sweet treat.

Something to Grow

Plant favors are practical, enjoyable to make, and easily adaptable to any wedding budget. Small packets of wildflower seeds provide a gift that keeps on giving and echo the symbol of growth. For a special touch, include the seeds of the flowers used in the wedding.

Small succulents potted in old teacups can also be used as wedding favors. If you have the time and inclination, this is a great project to work on with your family or bridesmaids. Prepare early by looking for vintage cups and filling each one with a plant of your choice.

Air plants are unusual wedding plant favors that are fascinating to look at and provide ongoing enjoyment. Use your creativity. Place air plants in shells, miniature fish bowls, or homemade boxes. Miniature mason jars are another popular option for packaging.

Keepsake or Souvenir

More traditional keepsakes like scented candles are also much-appreciated gifts to receive. These can also be personalized to your theme. Perhaps a beach wedding candle will have a specific scent with shells used as decoration. Handmade soap or test tubes of bath salts and dried flowers are other options. Bottle openers and cocktail shakers are also popular choices. The most useful wedding favors are those that guests will use again and again.

Instead of wedding favors, you could tell your guests that in celebration of their attendance on your wedding day, you donated to your favorite local charity in their names. Wedding favors should be a reflection of you as a couple so choose something that reverberates with you.


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