4 Awesome Fantasy Books For The Video Gamers

Al Woods

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Online games always amaze online gamers because of the unrealistic things they experience when playing. It gives them the ability to control what happens to their character.

They have the chance to design and equip their avatars according to their likings. The game also allows them to redo their actions when they fail and let them upgrade their characters when minimum requirements are met. Playing games enables them to be the superhero they want to, that is why a lot of people are so in love with playing online games. 

Aside from playing games, reading fantasy books related to games is also one of the common hobbies an online gamer has. They read and collect books that satisfy their fantasy cravings. If you are one of the online gamers planning to start securing your own set of book collections, here are some of the top books you should buy for your bookshelf.


This book is written by S J Kincaid. The story is about a young teenage boy who has great gaming skills and enjoys fun online adventure games. His father is a gambling addict, which is why he needs to find a way to fend for himself. The little boy struggled with absences at school because he often went to the casinos to earn money. Until one day, a man scouted him and offered him to join the army. Once he joined the army, his adventures started.

Ready Player One

This is a very exciting sci-fi story about a boy joining a hunt for an Easter Egg that can give the finder an extreme amount of wealth. The main character ventures for the treasure hunt and becomes a hero who hunts in a fictional world full of danger and secrets. He encounters troubles and effectively overcomes them with his braveness.

In Real Life

A lot of fantasy books are about adventures and challenges. However, there are also more romantic fantasy books regarding gaming. Real Life is a book written by Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang, and it is a romantic graphic novel about a girl who is a fan of a popular MMORPG game. She plays the game wherein she has the role of a hero and a leader. She was offered a business proposal where she will play games and gather hunt items in exchange for cash. 

It was all going well until she meets another player who is crippled because of work. The book reiterates the impact of how the online world can affect one person’s reality.

Minecraft: The Island

Everyone knows the game Minecraft. It is a game where you can build things and explore caves for rare minerals. The story mentioned is about a hero trapped in the world of Minecraft. The hero encounters a lot of challenges and rules which are hard to comprehend, but no matter how hard these rules and challenges are, he must do anything to survive them.

Fantasy entices online gamers through magical events that happen that they cannot experience in real life. It gives them an artistic perception of what is possible to happen when such a supernatural occurrence occurs. Although these games and fictional stories are impossible to happen, it can give you the chance to see the possible circumstances that can occur when such things are assumed real.


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