A Buyer’s Guide on Choosing the Right Florist

words Alexa Wang

Flowers can be versatile gifts and can be given on any occasion. They can be given to anyone – your friend, family, or special someone – and can effectively convey the message you want to give to the recipient.

Flowers come in a wide variety and need special care to keep them looking fresh and beautiful. These are necessary to make your gift appealing and memorable to the person you intend to give flowers to. This is where the florist comes in. The florist plays an important role in making sure that your choice of flowers is worth it and you receive the priceless reaction of the recipient. Read further as we share a buyer’s guide on choosing the right florist.

Choosing Florist

Check for Variety and Quality

The first thing customers, visitors, and potential buyers look for in a flower shop is the assortment of flowers that are inside the shop. When people see different kinds and colors of flowers, they are given several options for the kind of flowers they will be purchasing. Whether it is a land-based or online shop, your florist should be able to offer different kinds of flowers, colors, and floral arrangements. 

More importantly, your florist should not just flood you with options, they should also encourage you to ask what kind or color of flowers you are looking for and what is the occasion. Florists who provide options that are based on the preferences and specifications of their customers give a reassuring disposition that will not leave customers lacking and look for other shops. 

The quality of the flowers is not only limited to physical appearance but also the freshness of the flowers. Locally grown farms should be the primary source of your florist’s flowers. A good example would be in Canada, where florists from Toronto primarily get their flowers from local growers within Ontario. A good point shared by flower enthusiasts and the best florist in Toronto flowercompany.ca is that the freshness of flowers is important so that they can be enjoyed longer by both the buyer and the recipient. 

Fresh flowers show the effort of the buyer in purchasing the gift and bridges the intangible message that the flower giver and receiver want to relay. Taking a cue from the best florist in Toronto, look for a florist that can provide farm-fresh flowers that are grown locally or have reliable outside sources.

Look for a Florist that Works with Your Budget

While it is true that businesses emphasize on making sales and gaining profit, a good business is one that allows customers to make quality purchases. This should also be something that florists should practice when you visit their shop. As a customer, you should also clearly declare your budget specifications to the florist before you place your order. A good florist will work with you and your specified budget and will find the best floral solution. Your ideal florist should also be able to factor in other related costs such as delivery charges and work with you to arrive at a successful purchase.

Look for a Florist that Guarantees Prompt Delivery

Not all customers have the luxury of time and some make hurried purchase decisions or last-minute purchase orders. Timeliness of delivery is an important plus factor for any florist and those that can deliver on their guaranteed time get favorable reviews and appreciative gestures from customers. As a prospective buyer, you need to ask the delivery details first before you finalize your order. If you can find a florist that offers next-day or same-day delivery, check the method of delivery and if there is a cut-off time for placing such orders.

Consider the Florist’s Location

Proximity is one of the top factors that customers look for in a business establishment. The same is true for selecting your florist. When it comes to convenience, look for a florist that is located nearest to where you live or near the address of your intended recipient. For example, if you live within the Calgary area, your best bet would be a florist within the city or one that offers Flower delivery calgary as well as deliveries to neighboring cities. 

Proximity can be advantageous when it comes to deliveries because it shortens delivery time and cost. Being close to your florist’s location can also allow you or the recipient to pick up the flowers or have the flowers delivered at your doorstep. It is also more or less the same when placing your flower orders online. You can look for a florist that has branches near your location so that you can easily follow-up and track your order.

Check Reviews and Customer Feedback

Finding a reputable florist may take more than just an ocular inspection or a simple interview of the florist. It is good to do further research on the florist by checking reviews. Reviews are reliable sources of information since they are done by third-party organizations that are not affiliated with the reviewed establishment. You can gather further data on the services and products offered, the delivery arrangements and schedules, customer service, and others. Customer feedback can also give you an idea of how well the florist works with various types of customers. The information you can gather from these sources can help you to decide which florist best suits the needs of both you and your recipient.

Assess Customer Service Quality

The customer service is the lifeline of customers with the business. When choosing a florist, make sure that your florist has available contact details and the establishment offers 24/7 customer service. This is important when placing orders or purchasing from online florists. Since online services have a wider scope of services and coverage of deliveries, it is essential to know where your package is located from time to time and have someone provide you the details. It is also a big plus for brick-and-mortar flower shops and suppliers if they have a designated customer service hotline or contact details. This can make their transactions and deliveries more efficient.

Consider Transaction Security and Privacy

This applies to both land-based and online florists. Observe and practice your consumer rights by inquiring how secure are the services of the florist. We divulge private information like our credit card details, bank account numbers, our address, and phone numbers and we need assurance from our florist that these pieces of information remain private. Transparency is a good indication of a secure transaction with your florist. Your florist should be able to issue a receipt, a tracking number, or a breakdown of the charges when you need them.

Choose Florist

Flowers can be gifts that hold deep meaning and significant importance. Thus, the flowers must reach the hands of your recipient in their freshest and most beautiful state. Florists play a big role in making it happen, which is why you need to select the florist that best the needs of you as the buyer and your recipient. So choose your florist wisely and send the most beautiful representation of your love and care to the one you are sending flowers.


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