Flying Horse Jeans – traditional denim for jeans geeks

Charly Suggett talks to David Rix on the launch of a new jeans brand for traditional denim geeks.

The self proclaimed ‘geek of denim’ David Rix talks us through his brand and the garments with such passion and dedication that you are instantly drawn into the world of Flying Horse Denim.

Based on Nomadic Travels of South East Asia and a yellow coloured selvedge similar to that of the National Geographic shade, the collection consists of soft jersey t-shirts and good old-fashioned and traditional denim amoungst other more light hearted accessories, such as wallets.

The name ‘Flying Horse’ derives from the name of an old family pub from David’s childhood and this fact alone suggests that this is a wholesome and well natured brand. They only use ethical methods for production (although we did have to get this piece of information out of him, as the brand doesn’t use this ethical front as a means for branding or preach it to their customers, they do it simply because they want to and they feel it is best) and with one of the co-founders, Sanjay Madan, running a factory in Thailand and having an existential knowledge of denim passed down through generations, they can experiment with different surface techniques and have fun with the brand.

FLUX: How do you feel that the customer knowledge of your brands production techniques is important?

DAVID RIX: I would like the customer to understand how much care and attention goes into making a pair of Flying Horse jeans.

FLUX: How do you feel that your skills and that of Sanjay Madans’ combined create this niche denim brand and help it to stand against all of the other denim brands already out there?

DR: Sanjay has grown his factory from his successes in jeans manufacturing. I have been fortunate enough to have worked for some of the major players in the lifestyle clothing business (Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie & Fitch). Our combined experiences we believe will give this brand a point of difference as most jeans brands do not focus on a lifestyle element.

FLUX: Which of the dyeing processes are your personal favourite?

DR: We have hand dyed some items in Woad. Woad is a traditional European species of indigo dye grown across Europe and used since medieval times. This is my personal favourite.

FLUX: The video created shows the making process, from start to finish, of a single pair of jeans and displays the craftsmanship that goes into each pair. Do you feel like there should be more awareness about the production process?

DR: Some people are interested in what goes into making a pair of jeans and this video is for them. For other people it doesn’t matter. And that is fine also.

FLUX: Where do you source your inspirations for each collection and how do you channel that into each piece?

DR: Anywhere and everywhere! Sometimes the best ideas come from a few beers and a chat with friends talking about their travels.

FLUX: How do you create the different mottled, Dry Hand or Hang Dye patterns?

DR: Dry hand is achieved through a special chemical process. Hang dye is dyed hanging up.

FLUX: Are there any other areas or departments that you or the brand would be interested in branching into?

DR: We are happy to focus on menswear at the moment. One day maybe we’ll look into a womens line but this is too far in future to consider at the moment.

For more on Flying Horse Jeans see You can also visit the Flying Hores Jeans store at Newburgh Street, off Carnaby Street, London.


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