4 Ways to Get Noticed on Spotify

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Noticed on Spotify

As an artist, getting your content out there will help you to get noticed, and it’s also a great way to monetize your talent. It’s no secret that you’ll find so many artists in your genre selling their merchandise on YouTube.

There are so many high paying apps out there, but not all will be as lucrative as expected. With advancements in technology, streaming content, whether music or videos, has never been easier. This has been made possible by fast connectivity as well as by powerful device processors. With that in mind, below are four ways to get noticed on Spotify. 

1. Market Yourself

As is with any other lucrative agenda, you must market your skills online. By now, you have seen a handful of artists advertise themselves on social media as well as affiliate marketers on various social media platforms. These are given strategies that will help to expose you to eager content users. 

Spotify is one amongst the list of platforms that will help you to get noticed. However, and as the saying goes, Rome was not built in a day and neither will your career. But then again, you have apps that will help to get you noticed in no time. If you would interest yourself to take a look at this website, you’ll learn of the streaming options that Spotify provides as well as artist promotions that you can apply to make your career a successful one. This will help to expose you to millions of content consumers out there while at the same time, bringing in the much-needed cash. 

2. Do You Know of Any Content Curators?

If you are not in good terms with content curators in your specific niche, then be comforted to know that Spotify has a curation team that is willing to work on your behalf. Whatever your art genre, you’ll want your Spotify page updated with your latest content and this is exactly what Spotify curators will help you with. Top Spotify curators are willing to work on your behalf in helping update your content and all you need to do is get in touch with them whether offline or online. As an artist, submitting your content to top curators on Spotify’s most trusted apps will help to promote your greatest achievements. This will help to increase your online presence and promote your talents at affordable costs. 

3. Monitor Your Stats

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How else will you know of your progress on Spotify if you don’t monitor your stats regularly? It could be that your content consumers are sharing your content on social media pages without your knowledge. There are various apps, including the Spotify app that could help you get updated on your page activities even while on the go. 

With the Spotify stat viewer, you’ll get the chance to see who viewed your content, compare your activities with other artists, and see your rankings. Spotify stats are updated daily, meaning that you’ll never miss anything. Additionally, you’ll want this info updated on your social media handles. The Spotify app has a sharing option that will make this and many more functions a possibility. Among the reasons to want to monitor your stats on Spotify include: 

  • To keep up with your competitors
  • To update yourself with modern trends
  • To keep your consumers updated
  • To create content that matches the market expectations

4. Update Your Profile

Like so many social media pages, updating your profile on Spotify allows users to know who they are interacting with. This makes it easier for users to share your content because, for starters, they know you, and that they also want to promote your content. Updating your profile with your recent pictures as well as with your recent content is a surefire way of ensuring that your users are in tune with your most recent updates. You also have the opportunity, on the Spotify app, to add more images that include your daily activities, bio, and social media pages. That sounds like a great deal, right?

With so many online platforms, you’ll want to choose a platform that helps to promote your talents. This might seem like an uphill task, especially if you are just starting. Spotify has for the longest time been used to promote many artists. The above pointers will provide you with key ways to get spotted on Spotify while at the same time, help you to market your content through the same channel. 


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