7 Awesome Gifts That Your Physics-Loving Friend Will Surely Love

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Tinkering with scientific equipment and testing the laws of physics may not be everyone’s favorite pastime. In fact, some adults still have nightmares about flunking their physics test. However, believe it or not, there are some people out there who actually love physics.

Crazy, right? Well, getting a gift for a physics lover can be a bit hard, especially if you do not know much about those over complicated laws of motion and energy conversion. Luckily, you do not have to be an expert to buy a nice gift for that special person. 

With our selection of the best 7 gift ideas, you will surely impress your physics-loving friend.

1. A Ballistic Pendulum

You may remember this device from your school days because it is quite popular with teachers and students alike. However, if you have never seen one, it might look like a crazy contraption to you! Quite simply, a ballistic pendulum is used to calculate the velocity of projectiles, which makes it the perfect gift for anyone interested in physics. When looking for a ballistic pendulum, the information you can find when you check out the website set up by expert lab equipment makers will put you on the right track. Based on this information, you should opt for a model that supports multiple speed settings, a detachable pendulum, and accurate measurements. Also, do not forget to get a set that includes safety goggles because adequate protective measures are always crucial when conducting scientific experiments.

2. A Floating LED Bulb

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Want a gift that looks both cool and geeky? Then, getting a floating LED bulb for your friend is the way to go. True to its name, the floating LED bulb remains suspended in the air over its base thanks to the principles of magnetic levitation. Not only does it make for a great decorative piece, but it also lasts for about 55000 hours of use. So, this gift is a must-have for any eco-conscious physics lover.

3. Schrodinger’s Cat Magic Box

The world’s most famous cat makes a cameo in this one! Why get a magic 8 ball when you can get a Schrodinger’s cat magic box? Simply, ask a yes/no question and open the box. If you find the cat alive, then the answer is yes. On the other hand, if it is dead, then it is a no. This box makes for a very special gift, not to mention a neat party trick. Also, it only costs $30; so it is cheap and entertaining!

4. A Portable Color Digitizer

If your friend likes both physics and photo editing, then this gift will come in handy. The portable color digitizer comes in the shape of a cube and can capture color on any surface. To use the cube, just place it on any surface and tap. It will then capture the color of the surface and allow you to see it on your smartphone or laptop. The colors you extract can then be used in most photo editing software.

5. Unique Bathroom Mirror

No, we do not mean just any bathroom mirror. We’re referring to an infinity mirror that uses LED lights to create a mirage-like illusion. When turned off, it functions like any standard mirror. On the other hand, when you switch it on, it utilizes the built-in LED light to show an image of an endless tunnel. So, it doubles as a mirror and a distinctive piece of bathroom décor.

6. A Magnetic Fluid Bottle

If you are looking for a relaxing gift for your friend, then you should definitely go for a magnetic fluid bottle. This gadget consists of two magnets and a bottle that contains a dark fluid. The magnets can be used to control the shape of the fluid inside the bottle. Thus, you can create any mesmerizing shapes you can think of using this tool. Think of this gift as a cooler stress ball that will surely impress any physics lover.

7. A Galileo Thermometer

Not only is this old-school thermometer accurate, but it also looks amazing. Based on Galileo’s principles, this thermometer functions as your own mini weather forecast. It is made of a cylindrical tube that includes small balls, and each ball is filled with a liquid of different density. So, when the ambient temperature changes, the balls rise and fall, allowing you to get an approximate measure of the temperature in your house. Neat, huh?

Physics-themed gifts do not have to be boring. Ballistic pendulums, portable color digitizers, or even over-the-top Galileo thermometers are all viable gift ideas. Whether your friend is a casual physics lover or an expert, they will surely love any of these gifts. Also, most of these suggestions are not overly expensive, so you won’t burn a hole in your pocket if you want to get your friend a unique present.


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