How to Care for a Headband Wig?

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The headband may be considered an element of a wig, which covers the hairline and hides flaws, if there are any, providing a more natural look. It can be used to fix a wig in addition to clips and instead of glue. But beyond that, this is a fashion accessory, which is used to create a new style.

And, of course, it holds hair away from your eyes. It helps businesswomen and women actively involved in their everyday routine to save time and effort and feel comfortable wearing a wig. So, if you are one of those busy and stylish people, you should try a headband wig. Just do not forget that it requires maintenance.

In this article, we’ll tell you what should be done to keep a headband wig as good as new for up to 2 years or even longer. And another tip to keep a headband wig last longer is to buy a quality human hair headband wig first, you can shop at UNice.

headband wig

The right way to wash headband wigs

Any wig, and certainly a human hair wig, should be washed regularly. The experts recommend doing this once every two weeks, provided that you wear it every day. As the hair usually gets tangled, it is important to prepare the wig beforehand by detangling it carefully and combing it with the use of a wide-toothed comb while the wig is dry. After this, you can do the next steps:

  1. Place a headband wig in the sink, and let the water run to make the hair wet. Use lukewarm water only.
  2. Add shampoo intended for wigs and gently rub the hair with your hands to make it soapy. It is important to do it carefully to avoid any damage. The active ingredients of the shampoo should remove the oil and dirt quickly. Rinse off the shampoo with running water at the same temperature. Your hands should move from the top to the tips.
  3. Add conditioner intended for wigs, spreading it along the strands to make them protected, moisturized, soft, and shiny. Do not use conditioner to process the hair roots. Let the product work for a couple of minutes unless noted otherwise, and rinse it with running water at the same temperature.
  4. Take a soft towel and tap the wet and clean hair. You can wrap the headband wig entirely and leave it for a minute to let the water be removed. Do not twist or rub the hair.
  5. Now the wet headband wig should be placed on the wig head or stand and left to air dry. If you need a wig ready to put on, you can use a hairdryer in its low-temperature operating mode. However, it is not recommended.

6 tips on wig maintenance

Washing is not the only thing that you should do to take care of your headband wig. Follow the simple recommendations to prolong the lifespan of your hair accessory.

You should use a high-quality wig care product and refuse harsh chemical styling products

Do not use the shampoo and conditioner you buy for your own real hair, even though your wig is made from human hair. Special hair care products have different formulas. You will easily find this product range designed not to cause any damage to wig hairs.

Besides, you have to refuse aggressive hair sprays even if they are very efficient. When you wash your headband wig, you will hardly remove all the harsh substances that will continue to impact the hair shaft and follicles. Also, bleaching agents are very harmful as they can cause an undesirable change in the color and texture of the hair.

You should replace your headband wig from time to time

If you want your wig to last longer, take a break from wearing it. It would be ideal to have two wigs at a minimum and interchange them every week or two.

You should discuss the styling with your stylist

As we have mentioned, the headband wig is available in a variety of modifications and, in addition, you may style the one in different ways. If you do not want to damage your wig, you’d better learn about restrictions and the best solutions you can afford.

You should style it with care

We believe that you have heeded our previous piece of advice, and you reached out to a stylist, who told you how you should style this wig. Do not ignore his recommendations, as they can be crucial. Here we’d like to list some general rules you should follow:

  1. Prevent contact with chlorine, salt water, and hot water.
  2. You should choose the right styling tools. Even though a headband wig is made from human hair, it does not mean that you can style it in the same way. It is recommended to reduce hot styling and expose it to heat-sensitive tools.
  3. When you do not wear a headband wig for any reason, you should place it on a wig stand, which should be smaller in size compared to the wig. This will allow you to avoid tangles and deformation of a wig cap.
  4. Also, you should store the wig far from direct sunlight. Otherwise, its color will fade. It is better to cover a wig placed on the stand with a light scarf to protect the hair from external factors.
You should not sleep in it

There are situations when you cannot avoid sleeping with a wig on your head, and nobody will tell you that this is impossible. But that can be accepted as a rare exception to the rule. You should know that the experts say don’t sleep wearing a wig. It stands to reason! It is inevitable that friction will cause hair tangles and damage, which will shorten the life of a wig.

You should have a special wig for the beach

You may put a wig on and go to the beach to lie in the sun and even swim in the sea, lake, or public pool. But you should know that the salts and chemicals in the water will ruin your hair. So, you are recommended to have a separate wig for this purpose and protect it with quality hair conditioner.

That’s that. If you consider all the above, you will enjoy your headband wig much longer!


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