Feeling Stuck? Try These Alternatives Today

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When life is really busy, you tend to fall into a pattern. While it can be comforting to know what to expect, routines can also become dull and boring. There is no creativity or imagination surrounding the “same old, same old.” If you are in a rut or feeling stuck in a cycle of sameness, it is time to try something new. Instead of making grand gestures and huge changes, start small by making slight alterations to your usual activities. Keep reading for inspiration, and then try something original today.

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If you are a smoker, consider a shift in your habits. Try vaping as an alternative. Look for the Best Vape Deals to get you started. You will notice that vaping provides you with a lower cost per use than regular cigarettes. Should you want to quit or reduce your cigarette smoking patterns, vaping is something to consider as a viable option for change.


Sitting down and reading a book is a lovely and relaxing endeavour, but if you do not have the time to engage with a good tome you do not have to give up altogether. In lieu of holding a book in your hand, try an audiobook. You can derive just as much pleasure from it while feeling the same sense of wonder, interest, or escape.

Audiobooks offer you portable listening options while not distracting you from necessary tasks such as driving. Put in your earbuds and have a cleaning session at home while listening to the next book in your favourite series or pull up a book to listen to during your morning commute. 

Mass Transit

If you rely on your own automobile to get you from point A to point B, now is the time to try something new. When you drive, you have to focus on the road ahead, put wear and tear on your vehicle, and potentially sit in traffic. 

Change the way you move around your city. Try embracing public transportation and see what happens. You will save money on petrol or electricity. You will have a different perspective on the world around you because you will actually be able to look at the world around you instead of looking at the road. There will be new and interesting people with whom you may want to strike up a conversation. When you do not need to focus on driving, you can read a book or even work remotely.

Watch this video for tips on how to navigate mass transit like a tourist, which is also a fun way to gain a new perspective on your city.

White Sneakers

Wearing the same clothing day in and day out can become tiresome. If you work in an environment where a uniform is required or a strict dress code must be adhered to, try changing up your footwear to do something different.

White sneakers are everywhere and work for everyone. They even go with a variety of dresses and leisure wear. The key is to keep them clean. Pair them with a structured suit or any type of uniform. Keep a cleaning cloth in your bag or stop into the lavatory before starting your shift to maintain their newness.

Independent Movie House

Of course, it is so easy to go home and watch every episode of your favourite show back-to-back in an epic binge session over a weekend. It is relaxing and so very convenient to stay in the comfort of your own home. Rethink your position, however, as you are not engaging with the world at large. You are not talking with people IRL (in real time, obviously) and will miss out on unique opportunities to meet new people or get to know others even better.

Try an independent movie house that offers shows that are different from your usual selections. Choose movies with subtitles or one in a language you are trying to learn. Invite friends with you and make it a social event. Discuss the movie over dinner afterwards and experience something new together.

Cook a Meal

Once again, ordering takeaway is incredibly convenient. You can pick it up or have it delivered no-contact style. While you can taste a variety of flavours from around the world, you do miss the experience of making your own food.

Look through your cookbooks or search for recipes online. Youtube is a wonderful resource for novice cooks or for those looking to expand their palate. Find a video that will walk you through a recipe from beginning to end. Make the meal alone while listening to some good music or invite friends and family members over to help you. Make a night of it and then enjoy the fruits of your labours together over great food and lively conversation.

Grow Your Food

You can surely stop by the local market at almost any time of day to satisfy a craving or pick up ingredients for the week’s menu. A fun and frugal way to supplement your food shopping is to grow your own food. Look for a local community garden and stake a plot. Or plant one in your own garden. Look up your climate zone to determine what types of fruits and vegetables will be viable in your area. 

As you are tending to your little piece of land, you will get the experience of understanding what it takes to grow your own food from start to finish and everything that goes along with the process. An amazing part of having a garden is noticing how different homegrown food tastes versus store-bought produce.

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There are so many ways to make small changes in your life. These little efforts can lead to large benefits for you both now and in the future. Small, actionable shifts often lend themselves to more open-minded behaviours which, in turn, begets more personal change for the better. They may even bring about major life changes such as a career shift. Try something new today and see what happens.


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