Why Cats Make Great Family Pets

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If you have been getting asked several times a day if you can get a pet then you may be thinking about the best one to get. If you don’t want to invest in a dog then the next best option could be a cat. It would be unfair to bring a dog into your home if you are not home for the majority of the day. However, a cat can look after themselves and doesn’t care if you are home or not. Take a look below to find out some more reasons why a cat is a great family pet

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Reduce Allergies

One of the things that not many people know about owning a cat is that allergies in kids and adults can be reduced or eradicated. As you become accustomed to the pet hair and dander, your body gets used to it and you suffer fewer symptoms. However, do be aware that it can also be common for allergies to cats to be one of the highest. It is not the cat you are allergic to, it is the saliva that they produce. You can get cats that don’t produce as much saliva as the others, Bengals and hairless cats for instance. 

Provide Companionship 

If you are feeling lonely then there is nothing better than a cuddle from the family cat. Cats love to ‘pad’ their owners, this is a huge compliment to you. It means they feel safe and secure, similar to how their mother made them feel. Cats will happily sit on your lap or lay in bed with you if they want to. It will usually be on the cat’s terms as they make their own rules. Cats will listen to your woes without judging you. They may look at you with a confused look but that is about it. 

Take Themselves Out

One benefit of owning a cat is that you don’t have to take time out of your day to take them for a walk. If you leave a window slightly open or invest in a cat flap then they can take themselves out whenever they feel like a wander. Do be aware that cats can head off as far as 3km from home, don’t be alarmed they will come back. If you want to avoid this then you can get special cat enclosures for your back garden. You could also take a look at DIY catios to see what you can do to prevent your cat from roaming. 

Low Maintenance 

Finally, cats are relatively low-maintenance animals. You don’t have to stick them in the bath or take them to the groomer every couple of weeks. Well, you could try sticking them in the bath, it wouldn’t be fun for you or them. Cats are self-cleaning animals and they will spend a huge portion of the day cleaning themselves. This is why furballs are a common occurrence in your beloved pet. You can help them with their grooming if you want, cats love nothing more than a good brush from their owners. 


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