5 Reasons Why You Need a Desk Converter

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Desk Converter

Sitting in the same position behind your desk for an extended period can cause some health issues, like a stiff neck, back, and shoulder pain. How then do you address the issue of posture at your workstation?

A sit-stand desk converter is a viable option that encourages movement from a seated to a standing position, which is good for your health. This type of desk significantly reduces the impacts of too much sitting or standing.  Check out the following 5 reasons why you need a desk converter at your workstation to promote good health. 

Adjustable And Easy To Use

There are different types of desk converters and you need to understand their key features before you decide to purchase one. You can click here to learn more about the different types of sit-stand desk converters designed to suit the needs of every user. Many convertible desks can be changed from a seated to a standing position with just a push of a button. Such desks also have several heights and are designed to fit your perfect ergonomic height. This helps achieve proper posture in the standing and seated position so that you can get maximum comfort. 

Lose Weight 

Spending a lot of time sitting can lead to obesity, according to different researches. On the other hand, people who spend less time sitting are leaner and have better health in comparison. Repeated movement from a seated to a standing position at your workstation can significantly help you lose weight. Constant movement from seated to standing postures encourages metabolism which helps you burn more calories that can result in weight loss. 

Increased Productivity And Energy

A desk converter helps increase productivity in your work. When you are in a standing position, you are able to concentrate on one task in a particular period, which increases productivity. The advantage of a standing position is that it eliminates the desire to multitask, which often kills productivity. With a standing desk, you can finish your job ahead of schedule and the urge to go through your emails or make a call during work time. 

Standing and stretching your muscles stimulates your body to be active which helps give you more energy. Extended sitting can make you feel sleepy and you respond slowly. Body movement helps increase metabolism which, in turn, also helps increase energy in the body. When using a standing desk, you will be forced to do some movement which keeps your body active. An active body is more productive. Apart from energizing your body, alternating between seated and standing positions also helps you be more focused and makes you feel comfortable. 

Desk Converter

Helps Prevent Diseases

Much research indicates that there is a link between the risk of contracting certain diseases, like diabetes, colon cancer, as well as a cardiovascular disease with extended sitting. The other issue with extended sitting is that it can lead to high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol. Regular movement at your workstation, between sitting and standing, can address a variety of adverse impacts from just sitting. You can achieve this by choosing the best desk converter that suits your needs. Alternating helps muscles stretch, which promotes the flow of blood and oxygen to different organs. Walking around the office also boosts the production of natural antioxidants in the body that have the potential to kill cancer-causing radicals. 

Promotes Better Mental Health

Active muscles help pump oxygen and fresh blood to the brain which triggers the release of chemicals that enhance brain and mood functions. When you stay in a seated position for an extended time, everything in your body, including the function of the brain, will slow down. Performing certain tasks while standing up helps activate cerebral circulation. This helps improve the performance of the brain which affects the functions of almost all organs in the body. Therefore, physical health that you can gain from using a standing desk can significantly improve the health of your brain.

According to different studies, sitting in the same position at your computer desk for an extended period can potentially cause health challenges. Some common health consequences that you can experience include back and shoulder pain, stiff neck, obesity, as well as poor mental health. To overcome these challenges, you can consider getting a desk converter which gives you the option to alternate between a seated and a standing position at your workstation. This is good for your health since it contributes to the increased flow of blood and oxygen to different parts of the body. Be sure to find one that suits your needs. 


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