Hair Styling Tips: Everyday New Look

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Men with thick hair often face the dilemma of what to do with their hair to make them look good. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. An easy and simple solution might be at the reach of your hand. A good, steady hair gel might be a day saver and a hair rescuer.

Guys, let’s admit it – we all secretly wish to have the classic James Dean hairstyle or the perfectly gelled hair of David Beckham. We’re bringing you not only hope today with the best hair styling gels for men but also tips on how to achieve that sleek everyday hairstyle.

We prepared a list of our crucial tips for your hair to go from Not to Hot, and we promise – they will impact more than just your hair. Prepare yourself to be shocked by what you didn’t know yet, but that’s why we are here to help!

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1.  A Little Gel Goes a Long Way

A good quality styling gel will set your hair into place and help you achieve that ultimate hairstyle. Although a little gel goes a long way, remember not to overdo it. There’s a perfect amount of everything in life; the same goes for hair gel. On the other hand, using too little will not be enough to make your hair hold up. On the other hand, too much of it will make your hair look extensively hard and create a satin look, which is not always desired.

The amount of gel that should be used depends primarily on the type of one’s hair, but as a rule of thumb, one light squeeze should be good for a start. And remember, guys, it’s easier to add more than to take away little in this instance.

2.  Start on Damp Hair

Start styling your hairstyle when your hair is still damp after washing it. The best results are achieved by brushing your hair while lightly drying it. The hair will hold up, creating a thicker but stable look. On the other hand, If you style your hair while still wet, the results might not hold. When styling your hair, also remember to go a bit harsher than you might like. The hair will fall to its natural state within time, but the desired effects will hold longer when prepared more strongly.

Hair Styling Tips

3.   Internal Treatment

Internal treatment is a crucial step to perfecting your hairstyle; many guys neglect or omit its importance. For your hair to look good on the outside, you have to ensure that you provide your body with all the elements that will make your hair stronger and healthier. For many men, a daily hair wash might not be enough – and that’s completely normal. There are various supplements on the market currently to improve your hair’s strength and thickness. We prepared a list of the most praised supplements available on the market.

  • Solgar: Skin, Nails, and Hair tablets – those tablets are designed to supply your body with collagen, a major component of hair, skin, and nails. No, collagen isn’t only for women – it can significantly benefit men by supporting the creation of the essential structural protein-base in the skin! It’s great for cumulative hair growth and the restoration of previously damaged hair roots. It’s not only excellent support for your hair but also your body.
  • Biotin: Another great set of vitamins and minerals to support your hair growth and reduce hair loss. You would be surprised by the effects a short biotin treatment can achieve. It’s budget-friendly and undoubtedly worth a try!

4.   Invest In a Vitamin-Rich Shampoo for Your Hair

You may not believe it before you see it, but an excellent shampoo for your hair is a great investment. It provides the external glow your hair needs for a great look; while also treating it internally. Even though a vitamin-rich shampoo may cost you a bit more than you would usually spend on hair products, it’s an investment in yourself. At the same time, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bank breaker.

SHAMPOO HAUTE PERFORMANCE starts off at $36 per bottle. However, it will treat your hair at a better standard than simple drug store shampoos might. If you want to splurge on a more luxurious product, we recommend the Iles Formula SPA pack. It will cost you $149.00, but will make your hair look like a million bucks.

5.   A Temperature Controller Hair Dryer is Your Best Friend

We can’t stress it hard enough. Guys, it’s time to invest in a good hairdryer! A temperature-controlled hair dryer is excellent for the condition of your hair. Otherwise, the warm heat from the dryer might damage and ruin your hair. You can always find a great deal for a hairdryer, and your hair will thank you. It also softens your hair after a shower and makes creating a fashionable hairstyle much more comfortable. It gives the hair the soft satin look, perfect for adding a matte gel onto it, creating a great contrast and a perfectly styled haircut.


We hope some of our tips will help you achieve the desired hair look you want. If you can take one thing from this article, it’s that great hair starts internally – but a hair gel can always save the day (and a date). Remember to treat your hair with the respect it deserves, and we can guarantee that your hair will thank you for its improved state.

So don’t be afraid to pull off that dream hairstyle of yours daily. Wash it, dry it, cone it, and add some gel to it- and you’re ready to go! We hope that after seeing that your hair looks great, you’ll face life with new-found confidence!


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