Little, Successful Ideas to Save Money with Nike

words Alexa Wang

The whole world has suffered from this year’s COVID-19 crisis, and many people have been badly affected financially. Unfortunately, it was a very difficult time for everyone, and many areas of the economy in particular entered a recession.

Therefore, we can confidently say that people’s purchasing power has dropped dramatically. Today, shopping is no longer seen as a fun activity, but it is often rather difficult to shop when prices are too high. It’s a very tough period, and somehow the solution has to be found to cope with it. Many well-known brands, including Nike, offer their customers a wide range of products that can be used or worn in many different situations, but unfortunately the prices are not always affordable.

However, there is a way to solve this problem. In fact, there is more than one. Not many people know it, but there are some quick and effective techniques that can help people continue shopping without spending a fortune. In this article, you’ll learn about the methods used by real shopping experts to save money particularly on Nike products.

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 1. Don’t trust your instincts

Unfortunately, it has to be said: relying on your instincts while shopping is definitely not an effective way to start saving money. Everyone would love to be able to buy everything that comes along, but this is not how efficient shopping works. The first step to stop wasting money is to start the research with a clear idea of what you need. Many people make lists beforehand, others prefer to focus just on one product, but the most important thing is to not get distracted by other unnecessary products.

2. May is coming, and so are the new offers!

The new month has just arrived, and Nike has already proposed new offers for its customers. In fact, the brand creates new promotions for each month, which means that every time the date changes, new discounts are available directly on the website. In the month of May, in particular, Nike offers 20% off the collection at full price, applying a specially created discount code. This promotion, however, is only valid for retail shops, but it is not always this way. It often happens, indeed, that the discount can also be claimed online, and is perhaps applicable to other product lines. So, in order to make the most of the seasonal offers, try to always check the website. Keeping informed is the key to obtaining discounts. 

nike fashion

3. How to obtain discount codes

Besides the seasonal discounts mentioned in the previous paragraph, Nike also provides customers with additional Nike vouchers to save money on certain purchases. Each voucher corresponds to a specific product and a discount percentage, which is often very high indeed. The key question, however, is: where are these discount codes available? The solution to this problem is much easier than you think, because they can be obtained very quickly on the Internet. There are some websites that specifically handle the distribution of those companies with whom they have partnerships. All you have to do is search both for the discount code, and for the product you desire. It may sounds like a long process, but it isn’t, and it’s very helpful when it comes to saving money.

4. Join the mailing list

Never forget the relevance of the mailing list. A lot of people try to avoid it because they don’t want to receive any spam, but they are actually cutting themselves off from receiving additional discounts. In fact, Nike, in order to encourage its customers to register on the official website, sends special reductions by email to trusted customers. Moreover, every time the brand starts a new sale, registered members receive an email notification, having the chance to access the offers before everyone else. Especially if you are a Nike fan or even if you are just a sports enthusiast, you should not miss this opportunity.


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