Should you upgrade your phone when you get the chance?

words Al Woods

There’s no doubt that the advent of the smartphone has taken the UK and similar economies by storm, with the mobile penetration rate projected to reach 93.68% by the year 2025.

Not only this, but the smartphone market is becoming increasingly diverse, from the perspective of price, design and the features available to users.

In this post, we’ll ask whether you should upgrade your handset as you approach the end of your contract, while considering the best time to secure a new smartphone.

upgrade iphone

Why Haggling With Your Mobile Service Provider Should be Your First Port of Call

Before you press ahead with an upgrade, it’s important to appraise the real-time state of the marketplace and determine precisely what packages are on offer.

Not only do the leading brands release handsets at different times of the year (we’ll touch more on this a little later in the piece), but your existing service provider may well be offering a price match in instances where you can find a particular smartphone available at a better price elsewhere.

Most networks offer this kind of incentive to its existing customers, as it can be used to retain customers and ensure that they remain loyal to a particular brand like EE or Vodafone.

Even if this type of offer doesn’t exist, we’d still recommend scouring the real-time market for the best and most lucrative deals, before using these as leverage to secure more competitive terms with your service provider.

This way, even if you can’t find the ideal package on the market, you may be able to use certain deals and the threat of leaving to secure an appealing upgrade. Make sure to do some research to find out how much it would cost to replace iPad screen so that you know if it’s within your budget or not. Upgrades such as this one can be expensive, so it’s worth the research up front.

upgrade phone

When’s the Right Time to Get a New Phone?

If you find the ideal package and decide to upgrade your handset at the end of your existing contract, you may also want to consider selling your iPhone or whatever type of mobile you have to ensure a more competitive deal.

However, we’d still recommend that you approach with caution before agreeing to an upgrade. After all, most contemporary handsets are now compact and expertly designed, while battery technology has also evolved to last for as long as three or four years.

So, if you’re not desparate to access the very latest specifications, you may be able to avoid upgrading until it’s either unavoidable or you come across a new smartphone that you really want.

You should also consider timing any potential upgrade to ensure that you get the best handset and deal. For example, fans of iOS devices should know that Apple typically unveils its latest handsets in September, with release dates following in the next couple of months.

So, it would be worth waiting for this information before comparing what’s available as part of a wider marker comparison, and one that can afford you the very best value for money.


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