A close look to the Summer 2021’s swimwear

words Alexa Wang

Even though Covid-19 is a long way from being eradicated, for many seaside countries – from the North Americans to the Mediterranean ones – Summer 2021 is bound to be the beginning of the post-pandemic era.

The vaccinations campaign’s increasing success has allowed many national governments to focus on the resurgence of international tourism, which is a primary source of income for a large part of those countries’ populations.

Summer 2021 swimwear

In certain locations (for example the Greek Islands), hotels and similar accommodation facilities are already gathering their reservations, trying to beat the rush of the most qualified competitors. At the same time, tourists are making their moves, providing themselves not only the best accommodations, but also the right equipment.

For many buyers, in fact, choosing the right swimwear is a pivotal task in view of the next Summer vacations. Especially the female swimsuits need a radical turnover, after a two-year period of stalemate. And just like every “ordinary” year (maybe even this could be considered a hint of a longed-for return to normality), spring is the right time to detect the hottest trends in terms of beach wear for the upcoming warm season. Let’s have a look at them, by using as a guide the most iconic swimwear brands of the last decade (such as, for example, Banana Moon).

Summer 2021 swimwear
  1. Two-piece’s revenge. For many decades, the one-piece swimsuit has been considered a “vintage” piece of clothing, suitable only for middle-aged women; while the two-piece ruled among the girls. Throughout the last years, we have witnessed a sort of hierarchies’ reversal, and the one-piece models became the most favorite by younger women: something that had not happened since the 1960s. But this year the two-piece swimsuit is ready to take its lead back: this is clearly visible in virtually every brand’s catalogue, where the two-piece models clearly outnumber the one-piece “rivals”.
  • Soft/neon colors. This is probably the most solid fashion trend of 2021, and it concerns every kind of garment, from underwear to coats. Nobody seems to want dark, gloomy or violent colors: Summer 2021 has to be gentle and mild, because we’re all tired of those tense and overstressed moods that walked along our side during last year, and we want something that suggests us – even chromatically – this kind of shift.
  • Natural fabrics. For many years fashion companies tried to convince us that the most recently created synthetic fabrics were able to assure a better transpiration of the skin and a generic sense of lightness. But more recently things have been turned upside down, and natural tissues are back on track. This is also due to a sort of new awareness in terms of respect for the environment and materials recycling.

In more general terms, Summer 2021’s fashion trends seem to anticipate what we are about to admire from next Autumn. A slow and yet unstoppable return to a normal life for hundreds of millions of people around the world, which means as well a return to an almost primordial simplicity. All the last decade’s excesses are banned, and replaced with a new array of priorities: sobriety, coziness, decency and modesty. In more simple words: fashion and style are back on Planet Earth.


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