Are You In Charge Of A School Prom? Here’s How To Make It Amazing

partyAre you in charge of a school prom? If so, that’s exciting, but it’s also a lot of responsibility, right? There is so much that needs to get done, and there are so many different things that you are going to be in charge of that it might start to seem like a nightmare very quickly. The best thing that you can do for yourself in this situation is to stay calm, and don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. When you lose control of things, that’s when they start going wrong, but there’s no need for this.

Down below, we’re going to be taking a look at all of the things that you should be doing if you are in charge of a school prom. Take it one thing at a time, and we promise you that it will be much easier to manage going forward. Keep reading if you are interested in learning more about this topic.

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Come Up With A Theme

First, you’re going to need to come up with a theme. We understand that there are a lot to choose from here, and it might be tough for you to decide this one all on your own. Of course, you can if you want to, but if you are struggling then it might be worth putting it to a vote of the committee. Don’t forget that the other people who are working with you are going to be attending the prom, so their vote matters too. 

Come up with a few themes that you think will be great for the special day, and then go from there. Narrow it down, have a vote, and end up going with whatever is the most popular. Once you have decided on the theme, that’s when you need to start looking for decorations online and working out how you’re going to make this theme come to life. 

Get The Best Catering You Can

It’s also a good idea to work on getting the best catering that you can. This isn’t always going to be the easiest thing in the world seeing as a lot of caterers are expensive, but look at your budget and see what you can afford. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it has got to be a good spread of food that is age appropriate. We know that some proms have a sit down meal, but this just seems too fancy and too formal. Yes, prom is a formal event, but that doesn’t mean that it has to feel stuffy!

A buffet is the best way to go as it allows people to pick and choose when they want to eat little bits. This encourages them to socialize and spend as much time with their friends as possible, while being able to have access to food whenever they want it. It’s also a good idea as it doesn’t single out anyone with food preferences or food issues that they do not want advertised to the whole year.

Sort Out The Entertainment

Next up on your list should be entertainment. What kind of entertainment do you think is going to be best for your prom? You could look into a prom DJ hire, or you can look into a live band, or even both depending on how long you can book a band for if you want to do this. Of course, it’s all about looking around, seeing what you can find, who you can find, who is available and who fits into your budget. You want to ensure that even if you have quite a tight budget that the entertainment is top quality.

When it comes to entertainment you also want to try and put some more things into place other than music. For example, perhaps you could think about adding a photo booth with funny props that people can use to take pictures with their friends. Or, maybe you want to go even further outside of the box, who knows? As long as it’s a prom to remember for all of the right reasons, you’re on the right track.

Enforce A Dress Code

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Proms have a certain dress code, and you need to enforce that. When you have watched it in movies and seen it on TV, they are all wearing suits and dresses, except for a few last minute show ups who end up wearing sweatpants. But, you want to enforce a dress code at prom to ensure that everyone looks their best. Afterall, this is an event to celebrate, and what better way to feel good than to dress up and look your absolute best?

Having said that though, your dress code should be pretty lax. Look your best should probably just be all that you are going for, as this is broad enough for everyone to express themselves however they want, while dressing up and feeling amazing. There should be no censorship on what people wear, as long as they have made an effort.

Think About The Little Details

You also want to think about all of the little details, as a lot of the time these are what make and break an event. It’s the little things such as the details in the decorations, the invites, the security and so on. While some of these things might seem insignificant. We can assure you that they mean a lot, and if you aren’t taking care of the details, it’s going to show. What we mean by this is that things will be clear when you have not paid as much attention to them as other parts of the event. Also, if they all start being noticeable at the same time, this is going to cause you issues. 

Plan Out Your Ticket Sale Process

When you are selling the tickets for your prom, you need to have some kind of process so that this is efficient. Most of the time people just have one person in charge of selling tickets, and they set up a place in which they sit, selling tickets during break times. Of course, this is a good way to do it as they are all in the same place, everyone knows where to go and so on. But, it’s also a good idea to potentially have a second lot of ticket sales. 

We are aware that some schools do not allow people from other schools to attend the prom for safety reasons for the students. We understand this, but generally that’s what security is for. If you are worried about this, then ask the students if they are bringing someone from outside of the school, and if they are then perhaps ask them to provide a name and age, just so you are aware who is at the event.

Hire A Professional Photographer

Of course, you are going to need to get a professional photographer on side for the event! You want the best photos possible so that the people in attendance can have some of the best memories captured on film, and, because they are professional photographs, they are going to look absolutely amazing. 

Look around and see who you can find, who is available, and who you have the money for. We know that there are photographers that specifically work in events like proms, so looking for someone like this is going to be a good idea. At least you are getting someone who knows what they are doing, and will be able to capture moments with magic and wonder. 

Get The Help That You Need

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The last thing that we’re going to say is that you need to get the help that you need. We understand that planning an event can be stressful and you might have adopted the mindset of if you want something right then you need to do it yourself, but this isn’t practical. You have a whole team at your disposal to help you make this the best prom ever, so use them. Ask them for help when you need it, delegate tasks to people depending on their strengths, and generally get all hands on deck. This is the best way to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible, and that your head doesn’t explode in the process. 

There is nothing wrong with getting help, it doesn’t mean that you are responsible for the whole thing any less. 

So, there you go! If you are in charge of the school prom, it’s important that you are thinking about all of these elements, making sure that you create an amazing evening for everyone involved. We’re not saying that it’s going to be easy, and it’s probably going to be a lot of stress to make it happen, but it will be worth every single second. As long as you keep on top of things and don’t let things get on top of you, it should all be fine. We’re confident that you can create the best prom ever, so get started now, there’s no time to waste!


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