5 innovative technologies to help run a business

2019 was a big year for technology, from blockchain to 3D printing and everything in between. As these new, cutting-edge advancements reach the market, you have a chance to upgrade your business strategies. The following are 5 recent innovations that are sure to impact the way you do business. 

nnovative technologies

1. 5G Networks

4G is becoming a thing of the past as 5G networks are becoming more commonplace across the world. 5G is the fifth-generation wireless technology. It’s for mobile devices that rely on digital cellular networks. 5G operates at lower power consumption and lower latencies. This gives business owners faster connectivity, faster than most wired broadband networks in the United States. 

It’s a guarantee that with a 5G network, your business will operate faster.

2. AI-Enabled Platforms for Automated Work

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platforms utilize machines to perform tasks usually carried out by humans. These platforms can simulate the same functions that the human brain can. This can include functions such as reasoning, social intelligence, learning, and problem-solving.  

AI-enabled platforms are the future for many business owners as a way to build intelligent applications. These applications combine algorithmic decision making with the data from your company so that you have the best business solutions available. 

The more that AI solutions grow and improve, the better businesses will be able to focus work teams on the core goals of the company and leave busy, repetitive work to the machines.  

3d printing tech

3. 3D Printing

Printing 3D models may be the way that business owners improve their manufacturing in the future. 3D printing is already making waves within the industry with smaller items, such as logos, gift items, toys, and other products.

Using 3D printers to print test models for products is easier. The option to print instead of manufacture is also more affordable for many businesses. Many companies can also utilize 3D printing as a service for consumers as well.  

4. New Security Measures

Both consumers and businesses worry about the security of their information and data on the internet. A recent increase in highly-reported data breaches has increased awareness, and it has caused those who operate in the corporate sphere to take responsibility regarding data privacy. 

Luckily, there has been an increased emphasis on data security within the business sector. New tools have been developed for both businesses and consumers. Thanks to the latest innovations in security, companies can fully arm themselves and protect their customers from online threats.

5. Augmented Reality

New integrations of augmented reality in retail spaces promise to see businesses grow. Consumers only need their mobile phones to interact with specific aspects of your business with the use of augmented reality.

As this technology continues to advance, businesses get the chance to show their products in a unique way. It will allow consumers to see items in a realistic environment. The images of these products are rendered in a more sophisticated way. 

Do You Need All of This Innovative Tech Right Now?

The simple answer is no, of course not! Much of this tech is still in-development and out of budget for most businesses. However, as a business owner, you should be looking for new, innovative ways to help your brand. You want to connect to your audience, make your company run more smoothly, and better showcase your product and services. 

If you’re a small business, it can be hard to not only get the technology you need to stay ahead of the competition, but also know what innovative ideas will work best for your business model. Luckily, companies like Icreon Tech are equipped to help businesses come up with innovations that will help their enterprise succeed. With a guiding hand and a bit of knowledge about your options, your business can thrive with the help of the advanced technology out on the market today. 


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