How to keep ants at bay the natural way

words Alexa Wang

There are few pests out there as annoying and difficult to get rid of as ants.  If these tiny creatures have been invading your home for some time now, you are probably desperate for a solution. No need for any poisons or chemicals – it is possible to take an all-natural approach to get rid of ants for good. Here’s what you need to know.

Maximise your kitchen cleanliness

Ants are attracted by the aroma of leftover food. Therefore, if there are crumbs lying on your kitchen counter, open containers residing in your pantry, or dirty dishes sitting in the kitchen sink, you will have pretty much rolled out the welcome mat for pests – and not just ants! You can vastly reduce the number of ants in your home by simply being more diligent when it comes to keeping your kitchen clean. The faster and more efficiently you clean up any food-related messes and spills, the better.

Clean with vinegar

Vinegar is a powerful cleaning agent, and the best part is that ants cannot stand the smell of it! Make a cleaning solution comprised of 50% vinegar and 50% warm water and use it to wipe down your countertops and the surfaces within your cabinets.

Seal any crevices

If there are cracks or crevices in your walls, doors, or windows, ants will have a much easier time getting in. Do your best to seal these cracks and crevices in any way possible. If you can’t, place a bit of the vinegar solution in and around them, or sprinkle some cinnamon (another natural ant repellent) to help deter ants from entering. You can also use peppermint oil on your counters and near any crevices for similar results.

Confuse them with coffee grounds

The strong smell of coffee grounds tends to confuse ants, often throwing them off of the scent that they were following. Place the grounds in the areas that the ants tend to congregate or directly in the colonies for best results.

Get rid of existing ants

If you don’t want to kill the ants, ignore this step. If you’re keen to eliminate them naturally, the best way is to fill a spray bottle with water and liquid soap. A single spray of this solution will kill them immediately. You can also leave out a bowl of cornmeal as this is a type of food that ants find difficult to digest. They will take it back to the nest, ultimately getting rid of as many of the ants as possible.

Contact the professionals

If you are unable to get your ant problem under control yourself, it is recommended that you call on a professional pest control company, like Moxie Pest Control, for assistance. Many of these companies go the extra mile to keep their elimination methods as natural and chemical-free as possible. Plus, they will also put precautions in place to prevent the pests from becoming a problem again in the near future, thus giving you added peace of mind.

By following the tips above, you should be left with an ant-free living space. Just remember to keep your kitchen as tidy as you can in an effort to prevent their return!


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