How To Keep Your Computer Network Safe 

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Because every company and every household has some kind of computer network, the possibility of a cyberattack is very real, very present, and extremely serious.

There seems to be new information of fresh security breaches on a regular basis, some more serious than others, which can cause concern among many people who will want to ensure their computing networks are safe and secure, whether they run a business or have a local network where they enjoy playing computer games. The issue and the answers are the same for everyone. Here are a few examples.

Keep Computer Network Safe

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Use A Firewall 

A firewall is an excellent first line of protection against cyberattacks. It is a piece of software that prevents unwanted external access to your computer network. It operates based on a set of ‘rules’ that you can modify to make it simpler or more difficult to get access to your computer network. By implementing these rules via a firewall, you can regulate both incoming and outgoing network traffic. All machines on the network will adhere to the same set of rules, and the firewall should keep out anything or anybody who is not welcome.

Because hackers are growing more clever, so are firewalls, so if you’ve had one for a few years and never reviewed it, it may be time to change to something more up-to-date that will benefit you much more than an older firewall. They’re simple to install, and many computers come with a basic one already installed, so it’s worth checking if you’re not sure whether you have one.

Keep Your Anti-Virus Software Up To Date 

If you have anti-virus software installed, that’s a good start, but you must also maintain it, conduct frequent checks, and keep everything up to date for it to be fully effective. Otherwise, even a minor breach will provide a cybercriminal complete access to your computer network. Because the older an anti-virus system is, the simpler it is for a criminal to break into it, it is frequently a good idea to totally refresh your anti-virus software every year in order to have the most up-to-date security possible.

Create A VPN

A VPN (virtual private network) is a far more secure remote connection between computers than a traditional network, making it more difficult for cyberthieves to get into your system. Because the VPN is private, it is only accessible to those who need access to your system and any equipment attached to it.

Whoever controls the VPN can grant access to anybody who needs it, even outside contractors if required, meaning that a check is in place to guarantee that only those who are supposed to use the system can do so. Of course, nothing is completely secure, which is why extra safeguards must be in place, but it is a decent additional degree of protection that many people are pleased to put up and use since it lessens the likelihood that a hacker would enter the system.

If you are using a VPN, you can also use a virtual managed desktop provider. When you do this, you won’t even notice the difference between using your usual computer network and using the VPN, making it easier to work with for you and any employees you might have.


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