Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Secure

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Your home is a private space that should feel like the safest place for you to spend your time. It is where you sleep, where you relax, and where you are most vulnerable.

Whether you live on your own or with family and housemates, all occupants of the home should feel protected and safe at all times. The following is a list of ideas to implement in order to make you as reassured as possible about the security of your home and feel confident in your safety.

 Home More Secure

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Although it may seem shocking, approximately one-third of burglaries happen when a door is left unlocked for a burglar to stroll right through. You should always make sure your doors are locked properly, especially in the evening before bed as part of your nightly ritual. A good idea is to check that the doors are sturdy and the hinges are strong, so if someone tries to force an entry, it is likely they will be unsuccessful. Another good tip is to check that your door handle cannot be reached from a letter slot if your door has one, and if it can, always bolt your door.


This is another common point of entry for burglars, and some have even been known to scale buildings to get through an open window or place children through a smaller gap to open the house from inside. It’s important therefore to make sure your windows are never left open when you are asleep or away from the house, and if your think your latches or glass are weak looking, it may be time to replace your windows with a higher quality frame that offers more security (this can also be helpful to save money in energy costs and spruce up the exterior of your home!).


You may have heard the tactic to leave a light on when you leave home for a meal or evening out to deter burglars. A potentially more helpful (and less costly) investment is to have outdoor lighting. Criminals don’t like to be put in the spotlight, and it makes it more likely they could be spotted trying to inspect or break into your home. Motion-activated lights detect movement around the property, or solar-powered lights (which are more environmental) collect energy from the sun and light the exterior throughout the night. You could also purchase lights that have a set timer so that when you go to bed you can feel confident robbers are deterred.

Consider a Security System

The latest developments in crime prevention have seen a boom in home security systems, though these might be costly. There are a lot of different ones out there, including cameras, alarms, and sensors linked by a control panel.

Securing your home doesn’t need to be a complex process with bars on the windows and a sentry in the garden, but it is important to give you peace of mind and these tips above are great methods of preventing and deterring crime around your property.


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