New Summer Dresses & How To Wear Them

words Alexa Wang

The one fashion piece I couldn’t live without is the summer dress. I use the term summer dress loosely. My summer dresses see me through the whole year! Investing in some great dresses this summer means you will always have the perfect ready-to-go outfit. Not only is a dress an outfit in itself, but it also offers fierce versatility and unmatched convenience. Go casual or dressed up, heels, flats or sneakers, jackets, big knits and shirts. You name it, your dress can wear it. 

So, let’s take a look at some of the hottest looks for this summer’s dresses.

The Maxi Dress

Is there anything more elegant, versatile, or convenient than a maxi dress? They can be paired with jackets, coats and heavy knit sweaters in the winter. Wear it with your favourite biker boots, knee highs or trainers for the colder months. Accessorize with killer jewellery, scarves and bags to take it to the next level. Heading out for the night? Team your maxi with bejewelled heels and a clutch. Want to move away from the unfitted look? Use a belt to define your figure a little more.

Summer Dresses 22

Halterneck Overlap Maxi Dress 

The T-Shirt Dress

T-shirt dresses are the sweatpants of dresses. They are comfy, cool and convenient. You can choose from different lengths depending on the look you want to achieve. Like sweatpants, T-shirt dresses can be unflattering as they are shapeless. You can team them with a bum bag around your hips or waist to give a little more definition, or even use one of your favourite belts, light sweater or knit tied around your waist. Not only do these options look great, but they are also very practical for days out. T-shirt dresses of any length look great with pretty much any footwear. My favourite look is wearing my T-shirt dress with sneakers, but for the winter boots also look great. You can elevate the look with jewellery and a tote or clutch easily. Or keep it ultra-casual and team it with some leggings.

Summer Dresses 2022

Grey T-shirt Dress

The Shirt Dress

Shirt dresses are a must have whatever your shape or size. They are universally flattering and, in my opinion, suitable for any occasion. This year shirt dresses come in every shape, size, colour and pattern so you will be absolutely spoiled for choice. The great thing about a T-shirt dress is it isn’t just a dress. You can wear it open with a strappy top and jeans or with a T-shirt dress as a light jacket in the summer. Most shirt dresses come with a belt and this can be used to add shape, either by tying it around you waist or tying it at the back. In the winter, they can be worn closed with leggings, skinny jeans or tights/stockings. A shirt dress is an amazingly versatile and flattering option whatever your size, shape or style.

Summer Dress 2022

Organic Beige Sleeveless Shirt Dress 

The Caftan Dress

Now this style of dress is controversial for many. But with so many different styles of the Caftan dress even haters may find some space in their wardrobe for this little gem. If you want to stand out from the crowd, try a caftan dress. It represents the ultimate in comfort, elegance and style. To match the desert island feel you get from wearing it, team it with some wedge heels and a brightly coloured bag. For cooler evenings, pair it with a light jacket or sweater. Caftan dresses tend to swap those on the smaller side. Use a bum bag, belt or sweater to tie around your waist to give you a little more definition.

Summer Dresses 22

Flowy Caftan Dress 

Step Out In Style…

In one of these summer dresses this year and feel like a million bucks!


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