Tips for Safe Laser Hair Removal in Summer

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We’ve all heard that laser hair removal is best done in the winter. If you got started a little later in the year or your hair has just been resistant, you may find yourself still needing to get treatments even as the weather gets hot. That’s perfectly fine! Here are the key tips for safe laser hair removal in summer.

Technically, these safety tips apply all year round, but they’re extra important when the sun is shining and you want to bare a little more skin.

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Wear Sunscreen

The number 1 rule of laser hair removal is to always wear sunscreen. Those laser treatments are pretty intense, and they leave your skin more sensitive than normal. This means that the risk of sunburn becomes much higher.

If you do burn, you can expect it to be significantly worse than usual, with a higher chance of blistering, as well as of developing scarring or hyperpigmentation later on. In other words, it’s just not worth it. If you’re going to expose the area you’ve been treating to the sun, just slather on some SPF first, and you’ll be good to go (just make sure to reapply as needed!)

Wear Loose Clothes

Things can get pretty hot and sweaty in the summer, so loose clothing will be your best friend. Hello, maxi skirts! Wearing anything tight-fitting after you’ve had laser hair removal done can be very irritating to your skin. The combination of friction and inevitable moisture may increase the time it takes for your skin to heal from your latest appointment, and may also lead to ingrown hairs instead of the natural shedding that is meant to occur.

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Avoid Tanning

While you’re in the midst of your laser hair removal sessions, it’s so important that you take a break from tanning – both from the sun and using self-tanner. There are a few reasons for this.

First of all, a tan is your skin’s defense mechanism against the dangers of the sun’s rays, so if you’re tanning, you’re damaging your skin and increasing the chances of sunburn.

Additionally, anything that darkens your skin will make it harder for the laser to do its job. The laser relies on the pigmentation difference between your skin and the hair in order to pinpoint the follicle.

While any salon worth its salt will be able to do your laser hair removal no matter your skin tone, the results just won’t be as good as if your skin was still at its base color. That means that if you tan very easily, it’s better to simply avoid sun exposure and amp up the SPF as much as you can.

Schedule Your Gym Time Carefully

The summer season is an amazing motivator, so it’s no surprise if you find yourself wanting to spend more time at the gym. You can keep working out in between laser hair removal appointments, but you’ll want to watch your intensity level for the first few days after a session.

When we exercise, our body heats up and we produce a lot of sweat. If your skin is still irritated from the laser, your favorite HIIT workout might only make it worse.

If you still want to stay active even after laser hair removal, keep the intensity low. Schedule a yoga session (but opt for loose-fit yoga pants instead of tight leggings) or go for a walk, and definitely avoid the sauna once you’re done.

Choose Your Salon Carefully

Laser hair removal is serious business, and should only be done by qualified professionals such as Sevana Petrosian who is the owner of the SEV Laser medspa. Their team is reliable, experienced, and friendly, the spa always feels luxurious, and the prices are sane.

Most importantly, they have the expertise and equipment to provide laser hair removal to all skin tones, and they’ll make sure to give you all of the proper aftercare instructions so you can keep your skin safe and smooth all summer long. 

However, if you live in Princeton, it is important to do your research when selecting a salon for laser hair removal. There are countless salons offering the service, but not all of them follow proper safety protocols or use quality equipment. So when selecting the best salon for laser hair removal in Princeton, make sure they have proper certifications and use quality products. Check out reviews, ask about their experience with laser hair removal, and be sure to feel comfortable with the staff before booking an appointment.


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