The Power of Mike Diamond and Revolutionary Changes

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Mike Diamond

The definition of power is “The capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.” Mike Diamond has that definition pumping through his veins. Directing and influencing people is what Mike Diamond does and he does it well…and he uses it to help people make revolutionary changes. Mike Diamond is a leading self-help expert with an uplifting story of inspiration.

Not only is Mike Diamond a renowned self-help expert, but he also is an accomplished actor, widely published author, holds a Guinness World Record for running thirty half-marathons in thirty days, and is a professional addiction specialist. His last book, “7 Steps to an Unbreakable Mindset” has helped thousands of people transform themselves and make positive impacts in their mindset.

It took a little while for Diamond to develop into the iron-clad life guru we know him as today. What makes his story so fascinating is that he pulled himself out of the trenches of addiction.

We wanted to learn more about Diamond and how he operates at a level most of us could only dream of. He was kind enough to tell us his story and share some of his humble wisdom.

Diamond was born in Perth, Western Australia, where his environment wasn’t exactly nurturing. He was only four, when one of his relatives got him drunk for the first time. From then, a vicious circle developed. He would start drinking at the age of eleven and hitting pubs with his friends when he was fifteen. Later on, Diamond’s drug addiction also formed and dragged him into a lifestyle of non-stop vices.

Although Diamond was very high-functioning and earned a great living, he reached a breaking point and needed to make a change in his daily habits. According to Diamond, the first step was simple: attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

It was at this point Diamond began his journey to sobriety and self-improvement. He wouldn’t let any obstacle get in his way. One of Mike’s philosophies is that your company influences your attitude. For instance, he had once heard that one of his peers was attending two AA meetings a day, so Diamond decided to attend three.

While he had eventually conquered his quest for sobriety, at no point did he see himself coaching other people to do the same. Until one day, he received a text asking for his help. He was requested to find someone who had been struggling with their addiction and aid them in finding their own path. Diamond told his wife he needed to go, caught a flight, and set out on a mission to aid those needing his experience and expertise. Diamond even opted to live with the person in recovery, sometimes staying with them for months at a time.

Diamond discovered his passion for helping people and changing their lives. Diamond began devoting himself to this newfound purpose. Diamond’s success stories started popping up left and right with Diamond being the person to call. At one point, he even had an agent that would set him up with people that needed his guidance.

Mike Diamond

Nowadays, Diamond hasn’t slowed down one bit. He has more under his belt than being an interventionist and sober coach. His aforementioned Guinness World Record involved him running 30 half marathons in 30 days, the equivalent of running from Los Angeles to Phoenix, a nearly 400-mile distance, with a hernia and also suffering from ulcerative colitis. Nothing was going to stop him from completing his goal. His unstoppable effort was to raise funds and awareness for a girl named Layla Rae, who had a rare autoimmune deficiency.

As for the next chapter in his unwavering journey through life, Diamond has also been traveling across the nation as a blue-chip motivational speaker and compelling author. Diamond recently signed a groundbreaking book deal with superstar literary agent Bill Gladstone, who got Mike a publishing deal with the legendary publisher Matt Holt who has his own imprint with Ben Bella books, distributed through Random House publications, where he will be releasing his next book. With Gladstone working with some of the most insightful people across many generations (Marie Kondo, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle to name a few), and Holt’s experience having published over 10,000 titles and multiple bestsellers, Mike Diamond’s new book is expected to be a bestseller.

We asked Diamond if he had any advice for people going through addiction-related problems that might have developed due to the pandemic. He understands that now is a tough time considering world events, isolation, health issues, and mental health issues. Diamond mentions that goal-setting is a practice that will change your life. Just as Diamond did, self-reflecting and doing the little things each day to improve yourself will start your engine and get your life back on track.


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