The 5 Most Unique E-Liquid Flavours to Try in 2021

words Alexa Wang

Unique E-Liquid Flavours

The vaping industry is rapidly expanding, quickly growing in popularity and consistently drawing in more users. For this reason, it’s no surprise that the vaping market continues to evolve and adapt as well, whether to attract new vapers or to satisfy faithful users with new and interesting e-juices.

However, among the myriad of more classic and sweet vape flavours, something entirely different appears every once in a while, prompting questions of whether the aroma could actually work and have a pleasant taste. To that end, here are some of the most unique e-liquids you might want to try out this year, and decide for yourself:

1.      Peanut butter

Being one of our all-time favourite delicious treats, peanut butter is often enjoyed on toast, in combination with jam, or even as the main ingredient of tasty cookies. But does this mean the flavour works perfectly as a vape liquid as well? Truth be told, it’s not the right choice for everyone.

Although this e-liquid flavour does deliver a sweeter, nutty taste, peanut butter vapes have quite a distinct aroma that can either be a hit or miss, depending on your personal preferences. The best course of action would simply be to give peanut butter a try and see whether the flavour works for you. Who knows, it might even become your most beloved special treat.

2.      Birthday cake

While it can be said that the world of vaping already offers a plethora of sugary flavours, there’s clearly room for more unique dessert-themed aromas. The birthday cake e-juice tastes exactly as you would imagine, offering a strong cake frosting flavour with a tad of candy aroma, and leaving a delicious aftertaste in your mouth.

However, it’s worth noting that the birthday cake e-liquid is very, very sweet, and might feel a bit overwhelming for those who aren’t particularly fond of sugary flavours. Still, the aroma has quite a unique and special taste, and might be worth a shot even if you don’t have a sweet tooth to satisfy.

Unique E-Liquid

3.      Lemon tart

Simple and sweet, classic lemon tarts are among the most beloved summer desserts, offering a fresh and impressive taste as the ideal kick during the hottest days. And thankfully, the lemon tart flavour of e-liquids works just as well as the real thing, if not even better.

Being the tastiest and best disposable vape pen you can come across, a lemon tart aroma provides that slightly sweet dessert flavour in combination with the tangy aspect of lemon, making for quite an uncommon and pleasant taste. This wonderful blend also means that the lemon tart flavour is neither too sweet nor too impactful, making it the best refreshing aroma for any vaper.

4.      Bacon

On a saltier note, there’s one flavour that’s slowly making its way into more and more unexpected combinations, and that is, of course, bacon. So, it doesn’t really come as a surprise that you can find this favourite food as an e-juice aroma as well. Unfortunately, it might not taste exactly as expected.

While some compare the flavour to a combination of leather and bacon fat, others feel like the aroma reminds them more of the greasy frying pan after making bacon than the taste of bacon itself. While it’s clearly not an aroma meant for the larger masses, you might want to give it a try if you’re a big fan of bacon-flavoured food in general, as it could be a good choice for you.

5.      Wasabi

Quite possibly the most unusual flavour on this list, wasabi e-liquid aromas sound more agonizing than actually pleasurable. And it seems like most vapers agree with this sentiment, as there are virtually no reviews or opinions on this bizarre flavour.

If you generally like all things hot and spicy, and wouldn’t mind experimenting with more unique taste sensations, then the wasabi aroma might be worth trying out. However, for those whose eyes water at the mere thought of combining wasabi with their sushi meals, a more classic mint e-juice is always a safer option.

It seems like there is a wide variety of strange e-juice flavours available on the market; if you’ve thought of it, chances are it has already been turned into vape liquid. The only question now is whether you are daring and brave enough to test them out yourself.


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