9 Incredible Ways To Reduce Your Cable Bills

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There’s no denying the popularity of cable TV services even in the face of the rise in streaming services’ popularity. You can access hundreds of on-demand and HD channels for your enjoyment if you’re subscribed to a TV service. Spectrum cable TV plans offer you many benefits.

It’s also a fact that cable TV programming subscriptions like the ones www.s9.com advertises are a fantastic investment in your home entertainment. Such subscriptions grant you access to on-demand movies, drama, live sports, and many more. Your family and friends also get to bond over TV, and you don’t have to rely as much on the internet.

With all these benefits, one problem encountered by many is that cable TV bills can be costly. This can become a big concern when you have several financial responsibilities, including a growing family.

If you are in search of a way to reduce your cable bills, this guide will offer you several ways to do so effectively.

If you’re only now looking to subscribe to a service, you should thoroughly weigh all the options you have before committing. Read reviews about all the top Internet and cable TV service providers (depending on the one you want). Compare and contrast their packages and offerings, monthly bills, any deals they may have, the service’s real cost after the promotional period, and more.

Leave no stone unturned. Your ability to carry out thorough research will impact your ability to save on your monthly subscriptions.

Now that we have settled that out, it’s time to get right into it.

Cable Bills

Try Subscribing To A Different Package:

Cable TV providers try to design their packages according to the perceived needs of their customers. If you believe your current package doesn’t meet yours, you can opt to downsize yours to lower your monthly cost. Click here to find more affordable deals.

In the absence of cheaper packages, switching to another provider that has one may be your best option. Be sure there are no early termination fees before doing so.

Do You Need Those Extra Cable Boxes?

Some quality TV packages come with extra cable TV boxes. These boxes might be adding up to your monthly bills depending on the service from your provider. This additional cost might be up to $20 monthly. You might also want to consider ridding yourself of the DVR and opt to watch shows a few days after you missed them. This little action will have a significant impact on how much less your monthly bill will be.

Cable tv tips

Are The Add-Ons Necessary?

SHOWTIME extra, HBO, and other premium channels can be great to have, but they also significantly impact your monthly bill. So, if you only watch a show or two on them, consider letting them go. The same goes for sports add-ons, especially if you’re not a big sports fan. There are sometimes additional regional fees that increase your monthly bills so let it go.

Consider Buying Your Equipment

Why rent when you can buy your equipment? They may be costing you more as service providers often charge extra for them. Do your research for what’s available in the market before thinking of renting your provider’s equipment. So, instead of renting a separate router and modem from your provider, for example, buy a gateway.

A word of caution: Ensure you get the latest version of a gateway if you go this route. You don’t want to face challenges changing the router settings or enjoying any other features you might need.

Get Two Services At A Reduced-Price

Excellent home entertainment experience at a minimal cost is what you’re most likely looking for, and you can achieve that by bundling. Bundling reduces your overall monthly expenses. So, instead of getting TV services and internet services separately, and maybe from different providers, bundle them. Your service provider most likely provides a bundling option. Other perks for bundling might include better, more reliable internet speeds, a better range of channels, and an excellent TV app.

Look Closely At Your Cable Bill

It is unwise not to know how your cable bill is computed; of not knowing what you’re paying for. So examine it and see what’s there. You might find ways to reduce your bill by looking into it.

Know where the charges are. Can you live with SD instead of the HD quality you have? If yes, that’s something to cut out. How about checking out other package plans and bundles? Are there add-ons you can do away with?

You wouldn’t find the information needed to make some of the decisions you need to make until you look into the bill and know what makes it up.

Get In The Negotiating Ring With Your Cable Provider

Agreed, this isn’t a fight with your provider. But if you think you cannot work a few things out, negotiating with your provider, think again. You don’t always have to compromise on paying a huge bill. Call up your provider and see if they can give you a better offer or discount. If you’ve been a long-time valued customer, who pays his bills on time, you might just get one.

However, before trying to negotiate, arm yourself with information about better offers/deals from their competitors in your areas. After several attempts, if everything fails, it might be time to switch providers.

Switch Your Provider

When considering switching from one provider to another, the most important thing to consider is that you need a cheaper service that offers the entertainment you want. So, don’t switch from a provider to another that charges more for the same service. You will be saving nothing if you do that. Switch to a cheaper service provider.

Your prior research will have informed you about which providers offer what you want at cheaper monthly rates.

Cut The Cord

Where everything else fails you in saving money on your monthly bills, cutting the cord won’t. You might decide to switch to online streaming services if you are a hardcore movie and TV show lover. If you have a reliable internet service in your home, you will find streaming services are generally cheaper options.

 There’s no doubting the many benefits that having cable TV affords you. Yet, you might also be considering ways to save on your cable TV subscriptions. Let’s face it. While cable TV services are popular and offer much, they can also be costly.

So if you are in search of ways to save on your cable TV bill, you should try one or a combination of the different options suggested above. For most people, these are enough to provide the cost reduction they need.


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