Wearable Technology 2017 – not just for trendsetting millennials

Wearable Technology 2017 for trendsetting millennials – Amy Turnbull

Who said technology was only for the geeks in life? Technology is so trendy with millennials that you are, in fact, considered to be even geekier (is there such a word?) if you don’t wear at least one item of hi-tech fashion. From watches to bracelets and beyond, wearable technology 2017 is being embraced by the most trendsetting millennials and this is something you just might want to explore.


It’s Not Wearable but You Wear It Well!

Although this first item on the list isn’t exactly a wearable, it’s among the coolest tech gadgets for the trendsetting millennial. Have you been paying attention to just how trendy vaping has become? Smoking is quite taboo these days but ecigs are all the rage. If you are going to be among the fashionistas of the world, keep a cigarette-like style at hand at all times. A gentle puff or two from your iTaste and you will find that you are accepted into the inner circle. Vaping is all the rage.

From the UK – Announcing the Monster Fish bPay Collection

Do you travel with your Barclay’s credit card in hand? Of course you do! What self-respecting fashionista in the UK would leave home without one? With an innovative and highly fashionable bPay collection comprising snakeskin and metal effect keychains, bracelets and cases, you can hide your bPay card inside so that it need not come out at all. Who’s to know you are carrying one? If it’s statement pieces you are after, these hi tech offerings like the bPay collection are just what you want.

Smart Watches Are Coming Around

There was a time in the not so distant past that smart watches were these huge monstrosities that did all they were cracked up to do but looked so hideous no one would even consider wearing one. Now that oversized statement pieces are in and smart watches are still big and bold but not huge and ugly, everyone can gladly invest in one without calling undue attention to themselves. These can do everything from monitoring your health to giving you real time communications with the rest of the outside world. Looking for a functional piece of jewelry? That would almost certainly be a smart watch.

A Smart Ring You Say?

Speaking of smart technology for the fashion conscious, have you heard of the Ringly? This is one fashionable ring that is more than meets the eye! This ring syncs with your mobile phone to alert you of incoming messages or phone calls and it even tells you when you’ve had a new email through. Too many times we miss those important communications because our phones have fallen way down in our bags so that the sound is muffled. Now you know when to pull out that phone to check who is trying to reach you before throwing that nuisance back into your bag. Millennial consumer behavior means they will be all over this. Why let it just be a geek thing though?

Wearable Technology 2017

Another Ring with a Different Function

If you are into rings, you might also want to check out the Fitbit Alta that is a health technology wearable. Just like the conventional bracelet type Fitbit technology, the Alta can read your vitals, communicate via your cell phone and all without anyone knowing that you are worried about the state of your health as you jog around the park! Two rings with two very different purposes, but when combined, you’ll have some of the most amazing technology at your disposal. One of the best upcoming fitness trackers for this year.

Amazingly Attractive Wrist Bands (Minus the Watch!)

Then there are some of the most amazingly attractive wrist bands that are built on smart technology. Named the June, this band constantly monitors UV rays, so that you know when it’s time to excuse yourself from the crowd for a few minutes to apply a little sunscreen or don a hat and shades. There is nothing more damaging to your health in the heat of the summer months than those ultraviolet rays and so the June will help you protect your sensitive skin and eyes by alerting you when it’s time to get out of the sun or protect yourself.

So here you have some examples of wearable technology 2017 that have been designed with fashionable technology in mind. There is no reason to be listed as ‘geeky’ because each of these items is seen as one of the latest millennial consumer trends. These items are as stylish as you get. This is where technology and fashion intersect and this is what you’ll want to spend a few of your dollars on this summer. Get out and enjoy, but do so in style!

Wearable Technology 2017 for trendsetting millennials – Amy Turnbull


Wearable Technology 2017



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