Reiki and Quantum Healing: Are They Different?

words Alexa Wang

Reiki Quantum Healing


Energy healing has existed since ancient times, and many people have confessed to receiving its benefits through meditation and touch therapy. Reiki and quantum are forms of energy healing where practitioners treat their clients through “life energy transfer.” Both healing methods foster the self-healing process and do not involve the administration of any conventional medicine.

Although these two forms of healing involve creating energy balance, they differ in administration methodology, healing time, and mode of functioning. You have more to learn about Reiki and quantum healing, their differences and similarities, and how effective they are. Read on and find out from this post.

What Is Reiki Healing?

Reiki is a complementary therapy that works with energy fields. It involves energy transfer from the palms of a practitioner to the client’s body. In Reiki therapy, the practitioner places their palms on the “patient’s” head, limbs or torso for about five to twelve minutes before moving to another body part. This therapy helps relax the client’s body and fosters natural healing through mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Reiki dates back to the early 20th century, having originated from Japan.

What Is Quantum Healing?

Quantum healing involves altering a patient’s consciousness to achieve mind-body healing. This mind-body energy medicine is derived from Transcendental Meditation (TM) which involves the balance of mind, body, and spirit. Some practitioners use the quantum drinking bottle to transfer positive energy and heal injured body parts.

A practitioner helps a client to heal by aiding the flow of Life Force Energy, known as “Chi” in Chinese, to heal injured body parts. This healing method dates back to the late 20th century and was developed by Deepak Chopra.

Are There Similarities Between Reiki and Quantum Healing?

Reiki and quantum healing are meditational and involve positive energy transfer within the body and between the body and the universe. The two healing forms are similar in that:

  • They involve energy flow through different techniques, including touch and the use of symbols.
  • They do not involve diagnosis or treatment but instead offer a healing atmosphere to aid in self-healing for your body.
  • They foster healing through energy balance in body, mind, and soul.
  • They are traditional forms of therapy and do not involve the application of conventional medicine.
  • Both therapies are believed to heal common ailments such as flu, stomach aches, and terminal illnesses such as cancer.

Are There Differences Between Reiki and Quantum Healing?

Reiki and quantum healing are both meditational therapies, but they exhibit some differences, such as:

1. A Reiki practitioner seeks to transfer healing to a client from a supernatural power through touch therapy where the healing energy reaches the body from the universe. In quantum healing, however, the therapy involves creating energy balance within the body to heal injured parts by removing accumulated energy. Quantum healing can also involve objects with an energy charge, such as a quantum drinking bottle or a quantum bloc.

2. A Reiki practitioner acquires healing energy from another practitioner by “attunement,” while a quantum healer acquires the healing power through practice and meditation.

3. In Reiki healing, positive energy flows from the universe through a practitioner’s hands to different body parts, while in quantum, energy flows from one body part to another. During the transfer, an energy balance is created that causes healing to injured parts.

4. Reiki healing takes place on three levels (levels 1,2 and 3), each offering a complete healing process, while quantum healing occurs on one level.

5. Reiki healing is more ritualistic as it depends on healing from a supernatural power, while quantum healing is not ritualistic but rather meditational.

6. Reiki is passive, and the client is not actively involved in energy transfer, while quantum therapy is active and requires the client to meditate to receive healing.

Final Thoughts

We have over 80 % of people in the world identifying with religion and subscribing to supernatural healing. Reiki and quantum healing are among the common energy healing processes, and although they have no scientific proof, many people have attested to their benefits. Both involve energy transfer and foster self-healing balance and relaxation in the body and mind.


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