Secret Seychelles Holiday: Some lesser known gems on the paradise isles

The Seychelles – a must-visit location that everyone feels they must visit at some point in their lives.

The Seychelles holiday paradise: it’s become a well-trod area for tourists and sun seekers from across the world, leading some to believe that’s there’s nothing new to see here.



Some of the Seychelles most beautiful and interesting locations are also the least known and are, to some, a little quirky too. If you’re looking to visit the secret Seychelles and see something a little different, check out these places.

Le Jardin Du Roi Spice Garden

A garden growing a kitchen full of spices, the air is alive with the various scents of the plants making for a beautiful and eclectic collection to delight the senses. Unlike any other garden you’ve ever visited, Le Jardin Du Roi blends beauty with substance, even selling the spices it grows in an on-site store.

Curieuses Island

There’s nowhere better to spot giant tortoises in their natural environment, making the island an absolute must for nature lovers. Seeing the majestic creatures live their natural lives will remind you of what a relaxing Seychelles experience is really about; discovering something new and enjoying the view!

Nid d’Aigle

For those who like to work for their reward, a hike to Nid d’Aigle cannot be missed. Astounding scenery surrounds every step, and as the highest point in the area, you’re given an incomparable view of the entirety of the Seychelles.

So, if you think that there’s nothing new to be discovering in the Seychelles, think again. Interesting and quirky locations are everywhere and they’re just waiting for you to enjoy on your next trip.


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