8 Rules Small Fashion Brands on Instagram Must Follow to Stand Out

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During the past years, we’ve seen an increase in Instagram business accounts in the fashion niche. And since this is one of the most successful domains on social media accounts, we can say that there are plenty of benefits every brand can access. Engagement, conversion and brand awareness represents the main aspects a small fashion business can explore on Instagram.

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Still, to become successful on this platform, you need to assess your needs and expectations carefully. Of course, your digital marketing strategy plays a significant role in your brand. And we can tell you from our experience that following the tips mentioned below can only make your small fashion business stand out. Let’s see what rules you need to follow to boost the activity of your Instagram business account.

Rule #1: Focus on the quality of your photographs

The first thing you need to consider is that Instagram values a lot the visual cue. This means that it is not enough to share a beautiful picture. Instead, the picture needs to have the most professional approach, especially when we’re talking about a fashion brand. And to help you define a qualitative photograph, we’ve shared our top three characteristics:

  • An Instagram photograph needs top-notch resolution,
  • An Instagram photograph needs to tell a story,
  • An Instagram photograph needs to follow a unique theme. 

Rule #2: Take your time to think about hashtags

If you want success for your fashion brand, you should take your time to research hashtags. These keywords can boost exposure for your account and can get you access to a broader audience. Still, in order to achieve this, you will have to research and discover the most popular hashtags for your niche. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t add too many hashtags, while crafting a unique keyword for your business can turn out to be helpful, too.

Rule #3: Keep your audience engaged

Well, it is not enough to share content and leave it be. Instagram is both a social and visual platform, meaning that people expect you to reach out. This means that you should answer each comment as fast as possible. But at the same time, it refers to the need for tagging and sharing content from those accounts you appreciate. This will allow you to create a community around your brand.

Small Fashion Brands on Instagram

Rule #4: Don’t forget about influencer marketing

The most important Instagram trend for this year is related to influencer marketing. Users on this platform look forward to genuine customer testimonials or suggestions. And what better way to achieve that than using the help of an influencer? Each fashion brand can benefit significantly from such collaborations. Finding the right influencer for your brand has been simplified with the help of influencer marketing platforms such as Humanz, Upfluence, and Grin, which allow companies to find the best person who can advertise and promote their brand. Depending on the business size the choice can vary from nano influencers to mega influencers. For those who own small local businesses working with micro influencers might be beneficial as they have more engagement rate and the followers are mainly from the same location as they are. However international brands can use the services of macro influencers as they have worldwide popularity and you can promote your brand all over the world. Still, your goal should be engagement and brand awareness, and not generating revenue and increasing your followers’ database. If you focus on improving your engagement and brand awareness, the revenue and followers should follow. And if they don’t, you can always use a growth service – just be careful with this though, as this info on Social Bar’s service indicates you should stay well away from Social Bar.

Rule #5: Consider Instagram promotional campaigns

Your small fashion business will most likely need a boost in engagement when you first create the Instagram account. And you should know that this is only normal to happen. Special services, where you can easily buy 1k Instagram followers and Instagram promotional campaigns are meant to boost your visibility and awareness so that you put the basis of a reliable followers’ database. Each marketer can tell you that Instagram Ads are versatile, simple to understand, and highly efficient, especially for fashion brands. Thus, an Instagram promotional campaign is:

  • Efficient since it appears organically in the feed without bothering the users with an evident advertisement approach,
  • Efficient in generating ROI,
  • Efficient in creating a specific targeting goal.

And besides this, you can use additional means to promote your Instagram business account. You can share the content on other platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, or G+. This means that you can repost your Instagram content on all your accounts for a boost in engagement. Simply put: social media accounts are here to help you promote your business organically, but at the same time, you can use paid campaigns for an efficient kickstart.

Rule #6: Make sure your feed is shoppable

Well, after all, your goal is to promote your products and generate revenue. And what better way to do that rather than accessing Instagram shop? We recommend you make your feed shoppable since the beginning. As an example, you can use your BIO section to add a link to your website. Or you can use an external app to showcase your products. But the best approach for any fashion brand on Instagram is designing an Instagram shop. This allows you to present your products, add a compelling description, and redirect users to your website.

Rule #7: Use Stories to present your brand values and approaches

Instagram Stories are useful for any fashion brand, as you can share a small video to present new products or any other information relevant to your business. It lasts for 24 hours, and market data shows that it is rather efficient in achieving engagement and new followers. We do recommend you opt for `behind the scenes` posts, as these are one of the most powerful for fashion brands.

Rule #8: Create your digital marketing strategy before you start using an Instagram business account

This is the most important rule you need to follow for your small business. You will have to think about how often you want to share content, along with the time of the day and the tone for your caption. Also, it is excellent to consider both your long-term and short-term goals. And don’t forget about your paid campaigns. Simply put: you need to have a digital marketing strategy for your Instagram planned a month ahead.

The bottom line

So, this being said, you know now that Instagram’s success comes from planning and attention to details. It is more than necessary for fashion brands, but not only, to use the account wisely. And if you follow the rules mentioned above, we believe that your small business will grow almost immediately. You will be amazed by the engagement and conversion rate your brand will have!


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