Best Smart Home Devices Compatible With Amazon Alexa

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Smart Home Devices

Voice assistants in our mobile phones have been common for a long while now. But now Amazon is also coming with built-in smart home devices that make our daily tasks so much easier. Let’s take a look at some of the best Alexa compatible smart home devices. 

Tips For Using Amazon Alexa 

Amazon Alexa voice assistant will only be of actual use to you if you know how to use it properly. It is best known for its functionality and efficiency in the market. Alexa can practically act upon any demand you give it; from asking directions to conducting a Google search to answer a random question, Alexa can do everything in a jiffy.  These smart home devices are coming with Alexa built in them already. This adds onto the functionality and user friendliness of devices. 

Here are a few things you should know about using Amazon Alexa in any device:

  • Alexa reacts and responds whenever you say “Alexa”. Sometimes, you might not be addressing Alexa; you could be having a general discussion about Alexa and the device will start responding and reacting. To avoid this, just say “Alexa, mute”, or press the mute button given on most smart home devices. 
  • Alexa is a very common word itself. You can have a pet or a relative, or a member of the house named Alexa or even “Alex”. This way, whenever you call out to them, the devices will wake up. Change the wake up name for devices. Set the name to “computer” or “speaker” or anything that is not going to be something else’s name or a common word. 
  • Sync your devices. Make sure to group all your Alexa compatible devices together in such a way that you can ask one device to do something that is actually another device’s function. For example, you can ask your Echo speaker “Alexa, dim the lights’ ‘, and the smart lights grouped with the speaker will dim out. 
  • You can create a great music environment for any party or gathering by pairing up two Alexa compatible speakers, or two Echo speakers. They will play songs in sync and will also take other demands such as repeating a song, pausing it or shuffling the music.

Other than these, the basics like setting alarms, setting timers on your kitchen appliances, syncing devices, receiving or declining calls, getting weather updates and much more are some great ways you can enjoy amazon Alexa in your smart home devices. If you are investing money in new technology, make sure it is compatible with voice assistants that are very in-style these days. 

Best Smart Home Devices With Alexa

  1. Echo Show 8 (1st Gen, 2019 release)

Have family away from home or kids who need some cartoons to keep distracted? A tablet with Amazon Alexa built in is the way to go. Echo Show 8 is the best choice, thanks to its versatile features that make it multi-purpose. Its Alexa compatibility allows you to launch photo albums, make calls, set reminders, and even group with other Alexa devices around the house. The device is available in 2 sophisticated and beautiful colors. The large screen and crisp interface of the device also allows you to control most of your other smart home devices with this gadget. You can also buy the tablet with a stand, so it’ll become even more user-friendly. 

  • Amazon – Echo (4th Gen)

Another Amazon Echo device is the Echo speaker 4th generation. Known for its premium quality sound and compact design. The small speaker comes with lots of surprises. It is available in a beautiful twilight blue color, with a blue LED light illuminating at the bottom of the speaker. It does not have any display screen, and only connects through Wi-Fi and has button controls on top of it. Other than deep bass and crisp sounds, the device also has a built-in home hub and features like temperature sensors that make it an all-in-one package. If you are looking for a complete stereo sound experience, then you can buy these speakers in a package of two and make the most of advanced technology. 

  • August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, Remote Access, Alexa Integration for Your August Smart Lock

One of the biggest advantages of smart home devices is that they allow you to control your home and small tasks even when you are away. If you have the right internet plan from Grande internet, then you can make use of this Wi-Fi-enabled smart lock by August. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa, so you can just say the command and have this smart lock keep your doors locked or unlocked, as you please.  

  • Alexa Compatible WiFi Smart Light Bulb No Hub Required

Laziness strikes us the most when we are all set for a good night’s sleep in bed but forget to turn off the lights. Sometimes we don’t want to turn off the lights completely and want a nice, cool, dim effect. Smart lights make this all happen very easily. By using Alexa compatible Wi-Fi smart light bulb, you can have the voice assistant do it all for you. The light bulb is multicolored, aligned with a white light option. It is of 60W each, making it a powerful light with good brightness that can fit well in any room. The lights come in a pack of 4, so you can use them in multiple parts of your home and group them all as well. The color changing lights also have some entertaining features like sync with music, changing colors and cinema modes. 

Final Note

Don’t forget to invest in a fast and reliable internet plan from buytvinternetphone to make the most out of your Amazon Alexa compatible smart home devices. The list of the best Alexa compatible devices is endless. More and more products are making their way into the market as technology advances and they are sure to make our day-to-day tasks easier. However, it is important to use them properly and take advantage of their features.


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