5 effective techniques of frothing milk at home

5 effective techniques of frothing milk at home – words Alexa Wang

There is something very refreshing about a big mug of smooth, velvety hot chocolate on a cold winter morning, and a cappuccino or a latte any time for that matter. There are two methods; there are differences in the process that will produce the result. For example, frothed milk is the milk for cappuccinos, whereas steamed milk is great in lattes.

Frothing or steaming can be used for hot chocolate and other beverages requiring whipped milk, so it comes down to individual preference as to which method to use. For quality frothy milk, first, you should ensure that you use milk from the refrigerator. The whole milk creates a creamy texture but less froth while semi-skimmed milk or low fat produces more foam without the calories.

frothing milk

Milk Frother

The milk frother would be an excellent gadget to invest in if you don’t drink lots of coffee but prefer frothy milk beverages, as it’s suitable for all type of milky drinks. The best feature of this machine is that it is simple and easy to use. You just put cold milk in the pitcher to the expected level, push the button, and leave it to froth the milk automatically.

It heats the milk to the required temperature and froths it at the same time using a disc which is installed into the bottom of the pot. It simply turns off automatically when ready. For individuals who love thicker foam, they can froth a second time. Hot chocolate can be blended into the milk before putting into the container, and then frothed providing it a creamier velvety texture. Most of these devices come with a function for whisking milkshakes and cold milk for iced coffee.

frothing milk

Shaking in a jar

The method is super simple. Use different sizes of containers; however, the bigger the container, the smoother the milk foam will become. Since the jug is sufficient and you don’t have to worry about how much the milk volume will increase, you can add as much milk as you want. The next step is then followed by placing warm milk in a jar, tightly screwing the lid and shake away for at least 30 seconds.

Proceed by pouring the milk froth in a glass and heat it in the microwave for an hour the most. Depending on your choice when it comes to smoothness, you can wait a little bit and repeat the heating in the microwave again. Or you can either take it out or pour it in your brewed espresso or vice versa. This method produces foam with big bubbles and works in a pinch; however, it’s not suitable if you plan to pour latte art.

French Press

Another way to froth your milk, especially for those who lack the space or desire to own a frother is to use a French press. A French press creates a good cup of coffee; it undoubtedly makes excellent milk foam. Start by pouring the hot milk into the French press and then add pressure to the plunger until the milk raises in size. The filling should be no more than a third of the container. It will not require too much effort; it will take less than a minute to finish the process. The French press creates excellent microfoam with plenty of little bubbles, and your latte will have smooth foam. You can either heat the milk in the glass flask or can pour the heated milk in, the choice is yours.

An Espresso Steam Wand

If you desire frothed milk, this will be relatively easy, by comparison. Rather than soaking the wand in the milk, only keep the tip just below the surface. This will produce larger air bubbles into the milk. The closer it is in the outline, the larger the bubbles. You will reach the bottom of the container now and then to heat the milk with the wand evenly. Note that you should get frothed, not steamed, milk provided the wand is kept in the outline. After frothing the milk, tap the side of the container against the counter or use something hard to hit it with; as a result, it will knock out all the overly big air bubbles. In case you want to be certain you’ve got even bubbles, roll the milk inside the container several times.

frothy milk

Tea Ball Infuser

Another excellent frother is the squeezable tea ball infuser. This tool is the equipment usually used to put tea leaves into your cup. This method is used to create froth by pouring a liquid from one container to another. The more times you pour the liquid, the more air you end up adding, which is what is required. The holes work flawlessly to split up the milk and add air. Make sure to keep it clean as any residual tea debris can ruin the foam and the taste.


To froth milk at home is both fun and strenuous and unlocks the door for you to make different delicious coffee drinks. Remember, there is a lot of trial and error whenever you try to make something professional at home. However much you mess up frothing, you’ll always be left with hot, frothy milk that’s going to make your latte all that more special. Whether you use a plain and simple jar, microwave, a machine, or a gadget, frothy milk will turn a hot beverage into a luxurious café experience at home.


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