Expert tips for first-time RV buyers

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first-time RV buyers

It is great to own an RV, or a recreational vehicle, because with one, you get to travel seamlessly, without having to think about where to stay while you are on the road. With an RV, you also get to camp out with your family in a more convenient manner.

But apart from this, having an RV can also be a good source of income should you wish to have it rented out. With all these, you may be interested in buying your own RV and in doing so, here are some tips that can be valuable for you as a first-time RV buyer.

Why are you buying an RV?

So you have already decided on buying an RV. Good for you. But, by this time, it should also be clear to you why you need to buy one. This is because once your purpose for buying an RV is clear, you are focused on what you are looking for, leading you to the perfect RV that will suit your needs. For instance, you may be looking for an RV that you can take with you on an occasional weekend getaway. On the other hand, you can also be looking for an RV that you can use for an extended period of time, covering a longer distance. You can also choose between a drivable RV or a towable RV, each presenting their own benefits and drawbacks. These factors may dictate the type of RV that you should own, as well as the accessories that come with it.

Research, research, research

tips RV buyers

Buying your own RV is considered a significant purchase, which is why it is important for you to perform extensive research for you to be able to gain ample knowledge of RVs. Fortunately, you can now refer to several online forums and sites to be better equipped with this knowledge. In fact, RV experts behind Call of the Open Road provide comprehensive RV guides, which makes this task less daunting for you. The important thing is to look for sites that present organized information that will prove to be useful for you, rather than overwhelming. Nevertheless, whether looking for a fifth wheel for sale in North Carolina, or a motorhome for sale in Colorado, it is important for you to take advantage of all the information that you can get to be fully equipped with knowledge about RV models, local dealerships, as well as virtual tours of RVs to name a few.

Aside from online sites, you can also research different RV brands. You may be surprised to find RV brands that have been around for decades. There is a great chance that you may lean towards their brand, having proven themselves in the industry for so long. On the other hand, you may also find new and emerging brands that are comparatively new in the market. Nevertheless, they may capture your interest with their contemporary design and innovative solutions in terms of RVing. Regardless of what brand you decide on, make sure that you have explored sufficient customer reviews and feedback to have a certain bar on what to expect in terms of their RVs.

Attend an RV show

Before you finally make a purchase, it often helps for you to attend an RV show. Doing so will familiarize you with some of the big company names behind the most popular RVs. But aside from this, an RV show will also make it easy for you to check different RV companies and get a feel of their overall brand, from the details of the capability and capacity up to the customer service that they can offer.

Yes, it is advisable that you attend to tradeshows showcasing the different benefits of getting your own RV. This will give you ideas on the model type, integrated technology, durability and of course the quality. If you enjoy being on the road, take the time to meet the people running the booths with RV products. You might be surprised to learn that they are campers as well, and maybe you will meet again during your travels.

Consider the floor plan and the RV’s length

tips RV buyers

There are various types of RV, each with a different floor plan. There are those with a front living area or kitchens with islands. The bunkroom can also be either in the front, rear, or the middle of the RV. Each floor plan is designed to cater to a specific need. This ties up to the first point above, which is your purpose in buying an RV. The floor plan that you will find perfect for you is one that accommodates your needs and preferences. The accessories that you will need for your RV usually depends on the floor plan that you choose. For instance, if you intend to entertain friends at your RV, then an outdoor kitchen may be essential. In the same manner, you may need to look for an RV that has a provision for a fireplace for cold winter nights.

Apart from the floor plan, it is also a good idea to consider the RV’s length, which can be quite tricky, because the specification listed is usually not the actual length of the RV. An RV’s length is an important factor should you wish to use your vehicle as a cam ground. This is because there are certain national parks that have restrictions when it comes to the length of the vehicle that they can accommodate in their grounds. Thus, if your intention is to use your RV to visit and camp at different national parks, opt for RVs with a shorter length. Nevertheless, if you intend to camp around RV parks, then a longer RV length would suit you just fine.

Final Word

The idea of an RV is filled with the romance of the road and the freedom to travel when and where you want. But buying an RV – whether a huge motorhome or a minimalist camper trailer – is a lot like getting your “dream” job. Think of it as an Asset! Something that will keep you cozy comfortable while on the road, camping or the beach or going out of town with the luxury of your own house. This is your home away from home.


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