5 Swimsuit Trends to Keep an Eye on This Summer

After the long, cold winter, summer slowly arrives, and it is time to enjoy the rays of sunshine on a spectacular white sand beach. So now is the ideal time to update your bathing suit collection. After all, there’s nothing wrong with on-time preparation for the upcoming hot weather.

The swimwear market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.98% over the next five years, which only shows the importance of having the right swimsuit in your wardrobe. And whether you prefer string bikinis, charming crochet sets, or playful one-pieces, there are so many designs of swimwear that are about to dominate all of your favorite brands this summer. 

The top swimsuit styles for this summer will undoubtedly spark your curiosity, whether you’re looking for items for a weekend away at the beach or for a longer vacation on a tropical island. Many of the beautiful bikini swimwear pieces hitting the market, like almost every other aspect of fashion, are inspired by nostalgia, fashionable moments, and uniqueness. There are many different types of swimwear, from a classic one-piece bathing suit with a high-leg cut to a balconette-style bikini top to a fully-lined strapless bandeau bikini top. 

The choice is vast, so you need to find the one that suits your body shape and makes you comfortable. In this article, you will find five different types of swimsuits that will be worth your money and will be a winning decision wherever you’re catching sunshine rays this summer.

Subtle-shine swimsuits

Patent metallics might feel a bit over the top at times, especially if you’re visiting a small coastal town. This season, choose textiles with a subtle shimmer or sheen finish. This textured approach to metallics is whimsical and unique without being too much. Consider using gold or silver to embrace the style, or experiment with a pastel to give it a unique spin.  

Long-sleeve swimsuits

Influenced by the rising popularity of open-air water sports like paddle boarding, long-sleeve swimsuits incorporate both functionality and fashion. There are numerous ways to embrace this swimwear style while remaining loyal to your aesthetic, ranging from vividly colored one-piece suits to radically translucent sleeves over bikini tops. It is a risky move to choose this swimsuit, but it can be something transcendent and new on the market.

Swimsuit Trends summer 2023

Image source: New York Post

Crochet swimsuit

Crochet swimsuits look amazing on every body shape but also create statements on their own, making them one of the most exciting swimsuit trends. From embroidered macramé trims to complete knit one-pieces, these unique designs are everlasting and can be worn year after year. 

It is especially important to mention that they act as built-in air conditioning, keeping you cool on hot days. Crochet is also available in color-blocked designs, multi-colored, one-color, and tie-dye, among many others. In other words, there is a weaved marvel for every beach style.

Color-block swimsuit

If you like a neutral color scheme, this is the trend for you. The color-block swimwear offers a more delicate visual palette than, for example, a bright tropical print without skewing solely black and white. Instead, beige, brown, and tan tones are juxtaposed with piping, cutouts, and closures.

Swimsuit Trends summer

Image source: Shape

A textured swimwear 

Prints have clearly declined as an array leader in swimwear and for good reason. They can cause a style to cycle in and out of your closet far faster than a solid hue. However, textured fabrics are here to spice up the classic looks. Terrycloth is a popular choice for a more literal approach, while seersucker and ribbed fabrications add a more subtle yet equally intriguing spin on an otherwise-simple bikini that will make you want to wear it, again and again, all summer long.

Final thoughts

Trends exist to predict what will be extremely popular in the fashion world at any given time, and they are typically based on the runway displays of a few dozen designers. However, what you wear should not be determined by what is “trendy.” What is important is to wear a bikini, tankini, one-piece, or long-sleeve swimsuit, or whatever makes you feel comfortable and cool on the beach. 

Swimsuits complement your body and look amazing on everyone, so they’re worth considering if you want to create a unique style for yourself. With this style of clothing, you can create a variety of sophisticated beach looks, from the casual beach look to a more fashionable statement. Wear a swimsuit that makes you feel most at ease and stylish.


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