A furniture PreNup sounds crazy but it just might work

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A furniture PreNup sounds crazy but it just might work – words Alexa Wang

Many of us grow attached to what seems to others to just be mere pieces of furniture. Not only do we find comfort in their familiarity but they also hold memories.

Personally I can throw away most stuff. The flotsam and jetsam that we collect that ends up just littering the house. So a trip down the charity shop with old unwanted clothes and products barely used – is fine by me. But when it comes to furniture that’s a whole different matter.


So if you have to split up with your partner there comes a point where you have to decide who gets what. After the initial anger and upset has died down a moment comes. It’s time to divide the goods. But who gets that couch and all the stories it could tell?

It’s an emotional wrench for many of us to ever consider parting from that much loved piece of furniture. Supposing you brought the vast majority of the furniture into your shared home? Why would you want to divide all that down the middle?

Well it sounds very American and quite cold to many but the answer might just be a Furniture PreNup. It might sound slight strange at first but it can actually help take the sting out of many break ups. A UK-based online furniture retailer, The Furniture Market, have introduced a furniture PreNup form to make it easier for us all. It is suitable for anyone worried about the potential of losing their most prized possessions during a break up. It includes all you need to know and how to make a prenuptial agreement legal. It can be seen as a do it yourself prenup if you like. It also answers questions such as does a prenuptial agreement have to be witnessed or notarized. You can both then add all those precious items down on the form according to who bought what and even add to it as you go on.

This way when it comes to any break up it’s all there in black and white. Relationship breakdowns are bad enough as it is. Any way of lessening the upset is worth looking at includng prenup forms.

Apparently the most argued over items of the TV. Personally that would be the last thing on my mind when coping with relationship breakdown. The idea of arguing over a screen seems bizarre to say the least. But when it come to that handcrafted red leather couch well then the gloves would be off.

You can down load the furniture PreNup form here.

A furniture PreNup sounds crazy but it just might work – words Alexa Wang




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